• SpookyBoogie27

    The following content contains spoilers regarding Volume 12 of the Oreimo light novel series.

    Kyousuke takes Kirino on a date to Akihabara using buying a new Eroge as an excuse to take her there. Even going so far to book a hotel room they could stay at. Though, they only use it to play the eroge they bought. While viewing the Christmas Tree in Akihabara, Kirino tells Kyousuke she plans on studying abroad after graduation. Kyousuke tells her that he's in love with someone. Kirino starts tearing up and runs away. Kyousuke chases after her.

    Kaori, Saori, and Kuroneko appear in a minivan (decorated with Siscalypse). They've been following the 2 of them for a while, and decide to help Kyousuke chase after Kirino. Saori tells…

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