Tamaki Gokou
Name in Japanese 五更 珠希
Romaji Translation Gokou Tamaki
Debut (Anime) Oreimo Episode 09(first anime appearance)

Season 2 Episode 07 (first time in the proper story line)

Debut (Light Novel) Volume 08 (Chapter 03)
Debut (Manga) Orekou Volume 1
Appears in Light Novels, Anime, Manga
Voice Actor (Japanese) Yui Ogura
Personal Info
Gender Female
Age About 6 years old
Occupation Elementary Student (from Volume 8)
Family Ruri Gokou (Eldest Sister)
Hinata Gokou (Younger Sister)

Tamaki Gokou (五更 珠希, Gokou Tamaki) is the youngest of the three Gokou siblings. Because of her young age, she is always in the constant care of her older sister Ruri. Unlike Ruri, who is an avid fan of Maschera, Tamaki likes to watch Stardust Witch Meruru, and owns a stuffed doll of Comet-kun, Meruru's constant companion, made for her by Ruri.

Tamaki did not like the 3rd season of Meruru in which Meruru became a dark witch.

She loves her two older sisters dearly, much to the embarrassment of her sister Hinata.

When Kyousuke and Ruri were dating, she got along very well with Kyousuke (much to the surprise of Hinata), but she was scared of Kirino.


Tamaki pretending to be pregnant in the game

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