Shinya Sanada
Shinya sanada
Name in Japanese 真田 信也
Romaji Translation Sanada Shinya
Nickname/s Prince of Darkness
Debut (Anime) Oreimo Season 2 Episode 03
Debut (Light Novel) Volume 09
Appears in Light Novels, Anime
Voice Actor (Japanese) Masayuki Katou
Voice Actor (English) Doug Erholtz
Personal Info
Gender Male

Shinya Sanada (真田 信也, Sanada Shinya) was the only male member of the otaku circle, Pretty Garden. He very similar to Lucifer, the main character of Maschera. In fact he was used as a base for the character by the author and fellow member, Kanata Kurusu.


Apparently, Shinya suffered from eighth-grader syndrome (or chuunibyou) during his high school days, often calling himself "Prince of Darkness". He later joined Pretty Garden at an unknown date, and his past as a chuunibyou patient is often recalled by fellow members, much to his disgust.

His "alternate persona" eventually inspired the design for Lucifer, the male protagonist of Maschera: Lament of a Fallen Beast, who also goes by the name of Shinya Kurusu. (The name may be based on Shinya's first name and Kanata's surname.)[1]


Shinya is introduced as a member of Pretty Garden during Saori's recollection of her first contact with otaku culture. He makes a rather embarrassing introduction when Saori's older sister Kaori barged in on the headquarters of Pretty Garden armed with a model AK-47, but later welcomes Saori to the circle alongside Kaori and Kanata, who introduces herself as Ganma Yamanashi.

Throughout Saori's stay as a member of Pretty Garden, Shinya did not contribute much in interacting with Saori as Saori spent more time with Kanata more than anyone else.

After Kaori left overseas to get married, Shinya eventually lost the interest in visiting Pretty Garden, although Kaori manages to organize a reunion of Pretty Garden four years later.[1]


Kaori MakishimaEdit

Due to his rather short temper when the topic of his chuunibyou past is opened, Kaori often teases Shinya about this, and even reveals this during Saori's introduction to Pretty Garden.

Kanata KurusuEdit

Based on Saori's ability at deducing human relationships, she finds out that Shinya and Kanata are lovers, childhood friends, and classmates.[1]