Sena Akagi
Sena profile
Name in Japanese 赤城 瀬菜
Romaji Translation Akagi Sena
Nickname/s Sena the Mystic Eyes
Debut (Anime) Episode 11
Debut (Light Novel) Volume 05
Voice Actor (Japanese) Mariya Ise
Voice Actor (English) Kira Buckland
Personal Info
Gender Female
Age 15
Height 163 cm
Weight 48 kg
Measurements 89/58/83
Occupation Student
Family Kouhei Akagi (Older Brother)

Sena Akagi (赤城 瀬菜, Akagi Sena) is Kouhei's younger sister and Ruri's classmate. Known by many as an aloof character at school, Sena is actually a fujoshi who is in turn a target of her brother's siscon tendencies.

She keeps her fascination with hardcore yaoi a secret from school, and often asks her brother, Kouhei to run some errands for her that involve her unusual hobby.

She joins the Games Research Club at the same time as Ruri, who just enrolled in the school, and their personalities initially clashed. They soon become friends when the project they worked on was heavily criticized in an online fanmade game competition, vowing to destroy the competition with their next work.

Her specialty is her quick debugging skills, and she joins the Games Research Club to learn how to become a game designer.