Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai Volume 11
Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai Light Novel v11 cover
Date of Release September 7, 2012
ISBN Numbers ISBN 404886887X
ISBN 978-4048868877
Number of Pages 360 pages
Previous Volume Volume 10
Next Volume Volume 12

Publisher's SummaryEdit

"At that time, I... b-became an onii-chan girI."

At the place where the moving-out housewarming party was held, in order to fulfill the promise we exchanged to each other, Kirino and I visited the Tamura family. Our respective pasts became the topic...

"It can't be helped, I'm not the only person in the world!"

"I would feel like I had lost if I went to school."

"That mysterious plastic toy... it can't be... are you planning something indecent...!"

"That "cool onii-chan" that you admired didn't even exist."

"Well, it's not like I hate onii-chan or anything!"

"That's why, I hate you"

The truth behind this cold war between siblings will finally be revealed.

The momentous episode is now finally ready: Volume 11.


Most of the story seems to revolve around an extended flashback that tells the story of what happened three years ago that finally caused Kirino to actively dislike Kyousuke. The story seems to revolve around Kyousuke's interactions with another girl (櫻井秋美 = Akimi Sakurai??? Not sure about the pronunciation). At that time, Kyousuke was a hot-blooded model student who was worried about students who weren't showing up in class. That led to him befriending this girl, and them going on a bunch of adventures. But one day she went mountain-climbing with Kyousuke, and she ended up getting injured (fractured a bone). As a result, her parents withdrew her from that school. At around the same time, Kyousuke's grandmother had died, so everything was going poorly. The entire class blamed Kyousuke for what happened to Sakurai, and Manami got really angry (at Sakurai, at Kyousuke, and at the class). Kyousuke was depressed and went home crying, where Kirino consoled him. But later, Manami came over and gave him some "Life Consultation" -- she said that it couldn't be helped because Kyousuke's nothing special, that he's just a normal guy, and incidentally she liked him that way. Traumatized by what had happened and based on Manami's "advice", Kyousuke stopped being ambitious, and turned into the peace-loving "normal" person that we meet at the start of the show. And that's when Kirino started to hate him. Now, back to the present, they get back in contact with Sakurai, and Kyousuke arranged to meet her, and they apologize for what happened in the past, and Sakurai confesses to Kyousuke (something she couldn't do three years back), but Kyousuke has to turn her down saying that he's already in love with someone.

At the end of he story, Manami declares to Kanako that she'll ensure Kirino and Kyousuke will see each other only as normal siblings. Kirino announces to Kuroneko and Saori that she'll be going overseas for a modeling job after she graduates. Meanwhile, Ayase informs Kuroneko and Kirino that she confessed to Kyousuke. And Kyousuke himself seems ready to be the one to confess next... setting us up for the grand finale.



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