Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai Volume 12
Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai Light Novel v12 cover
Date of Release June 7, 2013
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The conclusion to this story......

"Here is the entire quick double translation (from Chinese into English) of Volume 12. As this is a quick translation, read carefully and don't expect a correct interpretation, as well as a correct translation of double meanings etc. From Chapter 4 onwards everything is fully translated. In Chapter 3 the part with the little sisters of Kuroneko was summarized. In Chapter 2 some descriptions and unimportant conversations were summarized and in Chapter 1 descriptions and some conversations." -SigUp This wiki edit is not made by SigUp himself, but by an appreciative fan. The original post is (

Chapter 1

  • Chapter begins with Kyousuke asking Kirino to go out with him on Christmas eve
  • Kirino replies "Huh, are you stupid? Go to die."
  • Kyousuke then just says "OK, on the 24th 9 o'clock at the station."
  • Kirino answers that since when did she agree, Kyousuke "Huh? Your 'Huh, are you stupid?' means 'No problem' doesn't it?"
  • Kirino of course refutes, then Kyousuke quotes Rinko-rin
  • Kirino proceeds to say, how her quote has a different meaning than what Rinko-rin says. Then Kirino says that Rinko-rins quote has different meanings in different context, one example in the Rinko-route, the other in the Miyabi-route.
  • Kyousuke's answer: "So, you really mean OK, don't you"
  • Kirino answers back that she and Rinko-rin are different types of imouto.
  • Kyousuke just ignores her and asks her, whether she isn't cold, as she always wears clothes, that show her legs. Kirino tries to kick him, he dodges. Kyousuke thinks to himself, that for someone who has endured Ayase's training, such a kick is child's play.
  • Kyousuke and Kirino continue their verbal sparring. (Quite a nice scene I might add, I like it).
  • Kirino then calms down, folds her arms in front of her chest and asks him why she has to go out on a date with him on Christmas eve, and two days nontheless. Then she says "are you stupid?" three consecutive times.
  • Kyousuke in an inner monologue says that those "are you stupid" contain different meanings. He, as her aniki, would translate them as:  
   "Then, explaining the FLAG of that day, if you can truly make me happy, I will grade you. If not, then try to calm me down."

  • Kyousuke then says to Kirino that she should listen to him and sit over there (the sofa), which she does after a "Huh..."
  • Kirino asks what he has to say to her, after her usual "Can't you sit in a little distance from me?" (They are sitting side-by-side)
  • Kyosuke tells her his reasons for asking her out.
  • "First of all, that day a Christmas-themed eroge will be available for sale."
  • "Then we can shop around Akiba's stores, [...]"
  • Kirino comments that for him, he knows an awful lot about this.
  • Kyousuke then says that the magazine she was reading; he also read it and asks her to open page 145.
  • When Kirino hears 145 she shivers strongly.
  • On this page: "ACG Akiba Store, Christmas-love promo action" (sorry, don't know how to translate it). Couples coming into this store can get limited editions products as a gift.
  • Kyosuke: "This limited product... you really want it, don't you?" "................."
  • Kirino sports a look like she is about to die.
  • Kirino: "Ma, ma... of course I want it. Of course I really want this special Christmas [blablabla, too lazy to translate that ^^].... of course I want to go out an by eroge.... but why on Christmas, and why only us two, and why to Akiba"
  • Kyousuke teases her, that these are not words spoken by the eroge master. She replies, that she not only is an eroge master, but also an attractive girl (or so).
  • Kirino: "Doing that on Christmas means failing as a girl... and this couple promo, us two... once again as a fake couple."
  • Kyousuke: "Then let's shop around after going to Akihabara. We are not that often in Tokyo, so let's do some things you do during Christmas -- like visiting the legendary 'Skytree'".
  • Kirino doesn't want to go there. Kyousuke thinks that if he really wants to ask her out, he can't give up here. He reorganizes his approach:
  •  "W..Why?"
  • "Because you are too plain." Should I give up? "My clothes... are too plain?" "No, everything." "Then, what do you want me to do?"
  • Kyousuke is desperate. Just when he is about to leave to his room:
  • Kirino: "...really. There is no other way, let me help you with your clothing". "Huh?" "Ha? Why are you looking so dumb? I said, when the time comes, I will accompany you in going to a clothing store and help you choose your clothes. That way you will look somewhat better."
  • "If I let you accompany a bishojo like me on Christmas--- you have to give me a good time."
  • "Yes! Leave it up to me!".

  • The calender turns to Christmas eve. It is a true winter morning. As agreed Kirino and Kyousuke leave home seperately and meet at the station. Kyousuke meets Kirino and notices, that she wears the same outfit as last Christmas. He thinks to himself that a year already passed. Kyousuke continues his inner monologue, that although Kirino wears the same outfit, she seems more mature. In a single year span, she has changed to a degree that you perhaps could mistake her for somebody else. Kyousuke can't help but feel a little bit proud.
  • Kyousuke approaches Kirino "Oi, have you waited for a long time?" "---- you're too slow. How long do you think have I waited?"
  • "It's 10 minutes earlier than agreed, ok!? By the way, when meeting you, it always starts like this."
  • "Urusai, then, you should know, what I want to say." "'It has nothing to do with the agreed-upon time. The important thing is you should arrive earlier than me.'.... right?"
  • "If it's so clear, why don't you act upon it?" "You left home earlier, ok? How can I manage to arrive earlier than you?" Don't ask something that is physically impossible!
  • "If you had run, it would have worked." "...."
  • Kyousuke thinks that then she would have complained in another way. Because they are siblings.
  • "Then... let's go." Kyousuke stretches out his right hand and takes Kirino's bag.
  • Kirino: "And then?" Kyousuke thinks that this angering "And then" should mean "Where are we going first?".
  • "Let's go and buy clothes. You wanted to help me choose new clothes, right?" "Ok, I don't want to walk around a as plain-as-hell you." "Hai, hai, sorry."
  • Kyousuke thinks that this kind of reaction can't hurt him any longer. Rather it can be read as this guy's smile. He thinks that this kind of reaction borders on SM (or so, if I understood it correctly).
  • He notices Kirino stares at his face. "Hm? What?" "Ah, nothing, nothing." Kirino turns away and picks up the pace. "Oi, oi, wait. Don't get ahead."
  • Kyousuke thinks that even though he is accustomed to it, he still can't understand his sisters' actions. "We haven't picked out a destination yet, why are you hastening?"
  • "You don't know where to buy clothes, right. Shut up an just follow me." "Ah, right. But at least tell me where we are going."
  • Hearing this tone Kirino answers happily "To where you once bought these little trousers".

  • They exit the train. Kyousuke: "Harajuku... I haven't been here in three years (so since before that Sakurai incident).
  • Kyousuke thinks about how different metropolitan Tokyo is, compared to that "village" Chiba. He reminiscens that the last time he was here, he was buying trousers in order to complete the task the absentee Sakurai had given him.
  • Kyousuke notices the Christmas atmosphere in Harajuku and sees many couples. Christmas date...?
  • "Ai, ai, we do seem like a couple to bystanders, don't we?" "A.. are you stupid?!"
  • Kyousuke thinks about how often he has been called stupid today. He is too lazy to translate the meaning of that "are you stupid" and he doesn't know, whether he is on the mark, anyway.
  • "By the way, Kanako said, that even when we stand together, we don't seem like lovers."
  • "Is that so." Kyousuke thinks it's impressive that Kirino still remembers such things.
  • "Ah, that's a pity." " want us to look like a couple? ....uah~ Really disgusting."
  • Kyousuke says that with so many couples around them, it won't be too embarassing to act a little like a couple.
  • Kirino: "Aha, by the way... you seem a little bit narcissistic lately". "Ha?"
  • Kirino walks in a position that is neither close, nor separate to Kyousuke. He turns a little to look at her, and she does the same.
  • Kirino says that through their interaction their misunderstandings were cleared up and she now knows how he wants to have a better relationship with her.
  • "But... and then?" "..."
  • Kirino stops, drops her head and says: "D.. Don't act like a boyfriend, though." "No, I wasn't 12:59, June 16, 2013 (UTC)" "Ha? You clearly were" "I wasn't!" "You super were~" She quotes him and says how he treated this cute imouto as a girlfriend.
  • "I mean, I didn't have this intention!"
  • "Then, what did you mean?"
  • "I did not have any intention. [...] Rather it is you who is so sensitive."
  • "?!? N.. No, I wasn't sensitive"
  • "Ha, you clearly were." "You super were~" Kyousuke teases her, about how she was sensitive and tries to rub it off him.
  • Kirino gets angry (but also embarrassed) due to Kyousuke mimicking her, and says, how can he say something like that, no need to anger her on purpose.
  • Kyousuke says, that's something he should say and thinks to himself that she has hit herself in the process.
  • Bystander: "Ah, this couple is really cute"
  • "Live broadcast of a couple's fight86.23.104.114"
  • Both: "Ah..." "Quickly... let's go."

  • "... because of your fault, I will have to remember this shameful experience forever."
  • "It's your fault, right?" "Ha? It was your fault"
  • They continue to quarrel, while walking to Omotesando Hills - another place Kyousuke visited three years ago. And a place Kirino seems to visit quite often.
  • Kirino: "By the way, if you want to a date with a girlfriend, don't you think taking the train is not appropriate?" "Don't you think you should arrive there in a cool car?"
  • Kyousuke in an inner monologue thinks that taking the train is the most comfortable way, considering how many people there are.
  • Kyousuke: "What? Are you saying... that if I get a license, you would date me?"
  • "He... Ai?" Hahahaha, succesfully caused Kirino to let out a strange sound~
  • "What, What are you saying!"
  • "Hehehe, I am a man. So, of course I want to get my license. I plan to take the driver's test, as soon as I graduate." "He...he... really"
  • "You and Ayase once were on a poster of Mazda in Chiba. Ever since then I planned to get a license." ".... then, thank you." "Your poster / ad was really perfect." "Heh, even if you have this desire, you still can't buy a Mazda."
  • Kyousuke thinks that, no, aside from him another person was interested, their father (daughter-con).
  • "Huhu, Kirino, don't you feel honoured. When I get my license, you will get the chance of having a special tour." "I decline, sitting next to a rookie, there will be an accident for sure."
  • Kyousuke teases Kirino to repeat what she said before (pick her up in a car). He thinks, how can girls so casually speak conflicting thinks.
  • Kirino replies that when Kyousuke has enough experience and she is in the mood, he can drive her.

  • They enter Omotesando Hills and he thinks about the atmosphere, how it makes the couples there pretty happy.
  • "Kirino, let's take a picture." "Oh, coming from your mouth, this really is a good idea." "Good, then quickly go to the front of that tree, I'll take the picture."
  • Just as he is about to take the picture, Kirino hesitates and a couple approaches them and offers to take a picture of Kyousuke and Kirino together, if they also help them to take a picture.
  • They take the picture, afterwards: "Hehe, what, you badly wanted to take a picture with me?" "Idiot, don't ask something that disgusting."

  • They enter and see a number of beautiful shops. Kyousuke suddenly remembers that three years ago he also passed here and had to pass lingerie shops...
  • Kirino sees him a little bit concerned (due to that memory) and teases him, he tells her to shut up and asks which store they will be visiting. Kirino tells him to leave it up to her, she already thought it out.
  • "Heh, you're really reliable... Oi, don't suddenly walk to this seemingly very expensive store!"
  • Kyousuke whispers to her that he has only this amount of money...
  • "Hmm... 500.000 Yen?" "It's 50.000!"
  • Kyousuke wonders why Kirino though he had a digit more and thinks that she doesn't know how much he struggled to get that 50.000 together.
  • Kyousuke fears that Kirino will get angry, but this development doesn't happen.
  • Kirino: "OK, this shop is good." "Is, is that so?" "Good stores doesn't automatically mean it's expensive --- just leave it to me."
  • Kyousuke is so unsure that he nearly grabbed the tip of Kirino's clothes when going in.
  • After an hour they are finished (WTH, an hour...) Kyousuke looks into the mirror
  • "Like, like that?"
  • Shop manager: "It fits you perfectly. That's Kirino-chans boyfriend for you.~"
  • Kirino (?) refutes annoyed.
  • Shop manager: "Because it fits that well, how about I give you a little discount!"
  • Kirino is happy at that suggestion. Kyousuke thinks that this is a natural reaction for a salesperson. The important thing is how Kirino with her sense of fashion thinks about it.
  • "...does it look good?" "Yes, very cool!" Kirino sports a smile.
  • "Really?!" "I'm talking about the clothes." "Don't say half-finished sentences!"
  • Kyousuke feels that today he really is played with. Kirino and the manager both laugh.
  • The jacket and shirt cost 35.000 Yen.
  • Kyousuke wonders about how much a man changes with his outfit and thinks he really looks like a man now. He thinks how he really is a simple-minded person.
  • He looks at Kirino. "--- What is it?" "Nothing"
  • Kyousuke thinks that dressed like that he and Kirino look more fitting. That way people won't wonder about them (due to Kirino dressed very well and he... very plain).

  • Afterwards they get something to eat and board a train to Akihabara. Kyousuke thinks that this really is an illogical route to follow, but says that's them (him and Kirino). He remarks that it's really cold.
  • They arrive at Akiba. Kyousuke thinks that every time he goes to Akiba it is a little bit different. He always thinks that he will get lost. Kyousuke suddenly thinks about what Sena would say in this situation.
  • Kyousuke continues his monologue about how Akiba changes so fast and is so much different from his first visit. He also thinks about how the shops are decorated very well. And he draws a parallel to Kirino.
  • Kirino asks him what he is thinking about. Kyousuke says to himself, he sure isn't going to tell her.
  • Kyousuke says to Kirino that although he is now quite familiar with Akiba, he still has fond memories about their first time. Kirino agrees and remarks that although only one year has passed, it seems like their first trip to Akiba happened long ago. Kyousuke asks why this is, Kirino replies "Because so much has happened?". Kyousuke agrees.
  • Kyousuke: "Finding that Meruru case, discovering "Dating your imouto" in it [...]" "... back then, it really was the scariest moment of my life."
  • Kyousuke thinks, for him too, how the heck was such a thing there, really scared him.
  • "Discovering the hobby of my hated little sister." "Asking my hated aniki for life counseling." "Together participating in the off-meet." "Getting to know Saori and Kuroneko."
  • Kyousuke: "If Saori back then hadn't invited us after the meeting... we wouldn't be where we are today." "...mmh"
  • "Huh, when you and Kuroneko first met, you had that big argument inside McDonalds" "It was her fault." Kyousuke thinks that both of them were responsible, he starts to smile.
  • "At that time, I - due to you finding otaku friends - was really relieved." ".... I see."
  • Kirino suddenly turns around "..... that day, I.. also was very happy." "Really"
  • Kyousuke is happy to hear that him being dragged around Akiba really was worth it and would love to tell the past him about it, that every second was worth it.

  • They go to a new shop named "Anishopakiba", the TV's at the entrance show Meruru clips.
  • "Oh, this really is Akiba, you can't find an environment like this anywhere else." "True, the line is really long."
  • ".... are these all couples?" "Se...Seems that way. Mah, surely there are also a number of fake couples."
  • Kyousuke thinks, people like them. But nevertheless there are far too many people. Are so many people interested in getting the lovers' discount? Are these limited edition products so attractive?
  • "I don't believe it... so many people have girlfriends..." Even I arrived here with my imouto. Even though its Christmas, it still is absurd.
  • "Don't grumble, it looks bad." "But, look..." "Stand tall. ---- you are the one who's envied the most, you know?"
  • Kyousuke listens to the crowd. "This guy, even though he's so plain, he is going out with such a cute girl..." He sees what Kirino's talking about and thinks that's right, the "girlfriend" of his really is the cutest in that crowd.
  • Kyousuke straightens his back, if only to look more appropriate for Kirino.
  • After 10 minutes they still haven't entered the store itself. Kyousuke thinks that even for a clear winter day, it still is pretty demanding. He thinks that Kirino, who wears a skirt, shoud feel even colder than him.

  • "It's really cold, isn't it? Come a little closer." "OK, <3"

  • Wait, don't misunderstand! It wasn't us talking. Ahead of us! Ahead of us! "........." Kyousuke and Kirino stare at the pair ahead of them.
  • "Why, why did your face turn red!?" "U..Urusai! You think you have the right to speak about me?" "Disgusting, really, really disgusting! Are you stupid or what!?" ".... you, you are the disgusting one, ok?"
  • "By the way, what the heck is this couple doing... if you want to do it, go home and do it."
  • Kirino clutches her hands together, her face is really red and she drops her head.
  • Kyousuke: "Put it on." He gives her jacket to Kirino. "................"
  • Kirino suddenly moves her shoulder, turns to Kyousuke and stares at him with a determined look.
  • "...huh, don't do something unnecessary."
  • Kyousuke points to the couple ahead of them: ".... we indeed can't go as far as them. But let me compensate you with this." "That's a matter of course...."
  • "... What is this couple doing... if you want to do something like that, do it at home." I really hope they were not talking about us.

  • They finally enter the shop and see loads of manga, novels etc. Kyousuke thinks that with the setup it really is convenient for the people in the line to grab the newest releases.
  • Kyousuke says to himself, that there probably is no other couple that comes here to buy eroge...?
  • "This... what should we do if you want to buy games? There are none of those next to the line." "Just tell the name directly to a staff person." ".... I see."
  • Kyousuke thinks, that increases the difficulty... three years ago he would have been quite happy doing this (note how he once again refers to the past him), but now he wouldn't get excited at the prospect of doing such an embarrassing thing.
  • As they speak, the line progresses pretty quickly. It's already the turn of the infamous couple ahead of them. The guy says:
  • "Ahm, I want to buy a game." "Ok, please tell me the title." "Please give me 'All-men's Christmas'" (we can guess, who this is, right )

  • "..... what? Ahm..."
  • "Please give the new BL release 'All-men's Christmas' (note, this is probably a bad translation, but I am too lazy to find an appropriate translation)"
  • "All-men's Christmas it is... please wait a minute"
  • Kyousuke thinks, the poor cashier, her smile has completely faded
  • The guy then asks for some limited edition dakimakura, Kyousuke is shocked.
  • "Se... Sena-chi?"
  • "Ki, ki, ki... Kirino-chan!? Why are you here!"
  • "I should ask you that, Sena-chi!"
  • Well, as it turned out, the couple ahead of them were none other than the Akagis, Kyousuke of course wants no part of showing he knows Akagai Kohei, but alas, no way around it.
  • ".... what are you doing..."
  • "You, you will understand once you look at it. For the couple's discount and the couple's limited product." "With your imouto?" "Yo!"
  • "It's Christmas and you come to Akiba to buy a game? ... Really, what are you doing?" (as if they had a right to complain...)
  • "Wh.. Why do you care?"
  • "I'm saying, the idiot couple ahead of us, that was playing lovey-dovey, were you guys!"
  • "You are siblings, what in the world are you doing!"
  • Me and Kirino buttered into them at the same time. (What a couple...)
  • Sena quickly waved her hand: "It... It's not like that! If you are not recognized as a couple then! Th... th... th... Therefore we had no choice!"
  • Ah, so dumb, uttering something like that in this setting.
    Oreimo12 044
  • "Dear customers, may I ask whether you really are a couple?"
  • See, you revealed it to the cashier!
  • "Eh, this, this.... this..." Sena broke into cold sweat.
  • Kouhei then 'rescues' the situation by calmly hugging Sena with one arm and says:"Ev
    en though we are siblings, we also are lovers ---- Nee-san, got a problem with that?" (the illustration is of this scene
  • "" (What? Well, perhaps the shock.)
  • Akagi is so cool--! Like that the staff can't do anything else than accept!
  • What is this nii-san doing! Even though its disgusting, it's also very cool---!!
  • "O...o..o...o...Onii-san, what are you saying?" Sena is so embarrassed, that she seems to be on the verge of dying.
  • So pitiable... no, that's her own fault. The main culprit for this situation is 100% this woman.
  • Kirino turns around and whispers into Kyousuke's ear: ".....Sena-chi's brother is really terrific [handling this situation]." "Yes, right?" "No wonder he's your friend...."
  • "Don't group me and him together!"

  • Akagi completes the purchase, while maintaining that cool aura.
  • Kyousuke says to himself that in certain kind of situations he certainly acts like a pervert, but he compared to Akagi he is a little kitten (I took my liberty in translating that construction)
  • Kyousuke continues his inner monologue, that posing as a couple is already incredible enough, but acting lovey-dovey like a stupid couple is really mind-boggling. He assures the reader, that he is not envious of Akagi in any way!
  • He then continues about, how incredible Akagi is in the way he requested that game.
  • Then Kyousuke himself, of course, calmly and decisively asks for an eroge 'Christmas, Holy Night' (once again, too lazy to look for a proper translation) and a limited special edition product.

  • ".... was there a need to say that in such a big voice?" "The more decisive you are, the less embarrased you are, right?"
  • "I am not talking about you! I'm saying that I was very embarrassed! 'The boyfriend of that super-cute girl is really buying an eroge!' Speaking this these people were pointing towards me!"
  • "This eroge was bought on behalf of you anyway." "Right now it's not time to talk about this issue!"
  • The continue their quarrel, even as the go into other stores to shop. Even though their main objective was participating in that event, they of course have to go and look in other stores. Kyousuke says to himself that this is probably the way how Otakus behave.
  • After finishing the shopping spree they start to walk back towards the station. Kyousuke's arms and shoulders are packed with Kirino's merchandise. It's 2PM.
  • "You have been pouting long enough. Now, look at this." Kyousuke takes out that special limited product they bought and gives it to his imouto-loving imouto.
  • "You, you really believe that you can calm me down using this................ Heh~ It's so cute ♡" (I think the merchandise is some kind of H Christmas eve figurine, not sure though)
  • Now, you calmed down in an instant! Even I am astonished. It was very effective...
  • Kirino then says something about that figurine, and points out the discount it was given.
  • Kyousuke asks her, that whether she really thinks he can identify the worth of such a product by the pattern of the clothing.
  • Kirino says, by the look of him she would say yes.
  • Kyousuke: "Ah, let it be... we are at the station. If somebody spots that they will say 'Uh, this cool guy's girlfriend is happily pulling the skirt on that ero-figure' while pointing at us"
  • "How can that be?" Kirino gives him a cold stare. "Ok, take that."
  • With this they leave Akiba.

  • Of course their vehicle of transportation is still the train. Kyousuke thinks about when he came to Tokyo in the past, how he was mesmerized by the spider-web-like train system. He explains how Chiba's transportation system is a far cry from the one of metropolitan Tokyo. Kyousuke wonders whether Tokyoters really have a complete overview over that system. He says if they really have, then they have an aura of futurism.
  • After that Kyousuke explains the current situation, they are on their way to the Skytree. The car is nearly empty, he and Kirino are sitting next to each other.
  • "Next we are going to the Skytree" "Oh"
  • "It still a long way from the nightview, right? We still haven't reached sunset." "I know. I have it planned out." "Really?"
  • Kirino looks at Kyousuke in doubt.
  • "Really, hey, I really want you to see the parts of me that are different from before." "Hee, you seem pretty confident." "Maybe"
  • Kyousuke thinks that he has really worked hard for this day. But of course he hasn't neglected his studies.
  • Kirino is playing in a very prideful way with her hair.
  • "By the way, walking besides me carrying so much luggage, don't you think its very bothersome?" The one who bought all this was you! Kyousuke thinks that his patience perhaps surpasses human limits.
  • "Look, an eroge poster is sticking out. It's no trouble in Akiba, but can you go to the Skytree like this? You, you know what it means to be thoughtful?" "I don't want to get talked to such a level by you!"
  • Kyousuke asks himself, why even though his patience increases, there is always this sister of his, who tests him out like that, he is not in a ninja trial.
  • "I've already said it, I've made preparations! For example I will take care of this luggage issue in the free time before evening. I've prepared for everything. Just leave it up to me."
  • Kyousuke thinks that the way he said it, it's just like the Kyousuke of three years prior (once again the theme of Kyousuke thinking about the past him)
  • Kirino turns around: "Mah... when you say it like that... for once I'll believe you. After all the one to convince our parents to let us stay until after curfew also was you."
  • Kyousuke says to himself, he told them that they were going to Manami's for a Christmas party. He thinks it was more due to Manami than due to him, although he will keep quiet about this.
  • Kirino looks at him: "Now, what do you want to do?" "Ahm"
  • He nods and calmly tells her: "I have booked an hotel." "What, you're not joking?!" Kirino answers in a shocked voice.
  • Kyousuke tells her to down her voice. Even it this car is pretty empty, it's still in a public area.
  • Kirino doesn't care: "U... Urusai, it was you who said something as unbelievable as this, ok?!"
  • "Exactly how is it unbelievable? The luggage is plentiful and heavy, putting it into the hotel and then go out again is a pretty normal thing, isn't it!?"
  • "You, you really go to great lengths for your excuses! Taking his imouto to a love hotel for the second year in a row, where exactly can you find such an aniki?!"
  • "It... It's not a love hotel!" "Hu, huh?"
  • "I booked a normal hotel!" "Really..." Kirino's face turns red up till her neck. "You have to say that first...."
  • Kyousuke is suddenly grabbed and let's a "Gueh"
  • "What are you doing! It is you who got it wrong!"
  • "That's because you used such ambiguous words!"
  • "Normally you wouldn't confuse this! You ero! Ero-imouto! Really, you can spin your brother into a love hotel for two straight years!"
  • "Eh, eh, eh...! Th.. this has a reason... And, don't use words like that, if somebody hears that, they will misunderstand!" Kyousuke agrees.

  • After half an hour they arrive at the Skytree and go to that hotel. It's a very cheap room. It has only one simple bed and a relatively broad table, with two chairs.
  • Kyousuke puts the luggage on the floor: "Hu...ha... so heavy."
  • He turns and Kirino stands at the entrance sporting a complicated look on her face.
  • "What are you doing? Come on in."
  • ".... don't do something strange." "No way, I won't!" Kyousuke thinks something, but says to himself it would be troublesome if he said it out loud, so he doesn't.
  • "I think that recently it seems you look at me in an H-light...."
  • Kyousuke asks the onii-sans out there what council do they have for him, when being told off in such a way by his imouto.
  • "We are already here, what use does it have to say something like that at this point?"
  • "............ Wha.........."
  • I don't know why Kirino reacts so strongly. What bad thing have I just said... Ha! Oh, no! I just said something you say when you take a girl to a love hotel!
  • "Th.. the words I just used are not correct! I didn't mean it that way!"
  • ", um, um.... I know...!"
  • Kyousuke thinks that for a bystander they really must seem dumb.
  • "By the way" "Wh, What?"

  • "Don't you think that lately your self-awareness is a little bit excessive?"

  • "--------------------------------"
  • Kyousuke seems to have scored a hit with this.
  • "It.. it, it, it, it, it, it, it!"
  • "Calm down! Say what you have to say in a clear manner."
  • Kirino's voice is like stuck in this loop.
  • "It's not like that!" Finally got it out.
  • "Eh, it's just like that."
  • Kyousuke thinks that this heavy reaction shows it has some truth to it. It surely has some reason behind it.
  • ".........."
  • Kirino turns silent, closing her lips tightly. Her face's really red.
  • Kyousuke: "It's no problem if you don't want to admit it. But I'm already pretty tired of those unclear things that turn the atmosphere really bad."
  • I wouldn't have uttered such a statement just a short while ago. Good that Kirino also calmed down and nodded.
  • "Honestly, I did turn a little more self-aware... I did notice that... But that's due to some personal reasons, you don't have to be concerned."
  • "Really? Then it is so." Kirino agrees.
  • Kyousuke thinks that they finally can solve misunderstandings in a normal manner. He then says to himself that they really came a long way.
  • "But, the fact remains that you really look at me with H-eyes, as of late."
  • "You really bring this up again?" I take back what I just said! We can never understand each other!
  • "You think I didn't notice? For example when I'm lying on the couch, you always look at me in an ero manner, right? Like my shoulders."
  • Kirino doesn't want to drop that matter. Her face closes in and she stares at Kyousuke.
  • "What's really behind this? Really, make it clear!"
  • ".............. You say I stare at your bare parts of your shoulders with H-eyes? Huh... that's a pity Kirino, this really is a big misunderstanding."
  • Kyousuke continues in a clear manner (I think): "I look at your ass." (Kyousuke you hentai, Ayase will kill you )
  • "Go to hell!" (or die, as always) Kirino throws her bag with all her power, but to no avail.
  • "I dodge~"
  • "What are you doing, take it! Stay there and take your punishment!"
  • "I refuse, hehehe... If you want to hit me; without Ayase-level skills it's impossible."
  • "Eh... la..lately you really have been going over the top with the sexual harrasment of your imouto!"
  • "It is because we are siblings, what's wrong about looking at your ass once in a while."
  • "How the heck is it not wrong?!" Kyousuke agrees in his head.
  • "I wouldn't mind if you looked at my ass."
  • "I'm saying I mind! Hah, hah... really, my throat starts to hurt." That's because you are screaming at full force like an idiot.
  • Kyousuke goes to the little refridgerator, takes a bottle of water and gives it to Kirino."
  • "Have you calmed down?" Kirino clutches the bottle, raises her head and stares at Kyousuke.
  • "... Even if you haven't calmed down, the problem still isn't solved. But, still, first put that aside" (I think he's referring to the bottle) Really, what a troublesome girl.
  • Kirino sits on the bed: "And, now? Still a long way to go till nighttime, in these few hours, how will you make me happy?" Uh, that's a good question.
  • "Hehe, have a guess?" "Huh, you're annoying, don't fool around and tell me." "........."
  • Kyousuke adjusts his emotions, then points forward: "Think about this place and the situation, how will I make you enjoy this ---- It's not that easy guessing it right."
  • Kirino notices that Kyousuke is pointing somewhere behind her, her body stiffens.
  • "You, you honestly! Want to do this to me here..."
  • "Of course not! Why to you keep sprouting such ero nonsense all the time today!"
  • Kyousuke wonders whether she is baiting him.
  • "Urusai! It's your fault for always using such misunderstandable manners! Quickly answer me!"
  • Kyousuke says ok, ok and replies that there is only one thing that can make Kirino happy while passing the time here. He points towards the luggage lying of the floor.
  • Kirino also realizes, and of course, it's playing eroge. Kirino nods and Kyousuke let's out a sigh.
  • "You're always like that, after buying a game, you want to play it as soon as possible. You don't want to waste single minute or even second." He thinks about the day before she went to the US, when she asked him to get that game.
  • Kirino says, if he hadn't invited her, her plan was to play that game anyway.
  • "Hehehe... playing from morning till evening and then welcome the holy night together! Don't you think it's a perfect plan?"
  • "Didn't you say that buying an eroge on Christmas eve would be a failure as a girl, never tell me that again."
  • Kirino replies what nonsense Kyousuke is saying, spending a perfect 2D Christmas eve is the same as spending a perfect one in reality. Kyousuke: "I don't think it's the same"
  • Kirino hammers on the bed and says it's the same. If she having a good time is the most important. Either with him, or with that eroge character.
  • Kirino suddenly stops, her face once again turns red.
  • "Don't say something like that, that can be misrepresented!"
  • "I don't care!"
  • Kirino then asks whether he understands what she is saying, and he confirms and says he will do his best to give her a good time.
  • Kyousuke thinks that in a way it's a battle between him and the eroges. Although it sounds stupid, but when dealing with an Otaku it always is a battle against the counterparts' hobby, that's an unavoidable issue. For a husband with an otaku wife, for a girl with an otaku boyfriend, for normal person and an otaku friend and for the brother with an otaku imouto.
  • Kyousuke says to himself that one really needs to think about how to deal with the hobbies your counterpart loves. Because they are a part of that person. So even though he used the word battle, but in truth eroge and him are on the same side. Using the eroge to make the other person happy.
  • "Good! I brought a notebook, so we can----"
  • "Wait, in truth, I also thought that something like that will happen!" "Eh?"
  • Kirino takes out a newly bought notebook, asks Kyousuke to install the game on that one and hands it to him with a smile on her face.
  • "Tada!" "..............."
  • Kyousuke is speechless
  • Kirino asks him what he is waiting for. Newer eroges are really big, so they take time to install (honestly, just ask School Days HQ with its 10+ GB...)
  • Kyousuke thinks to himself, his sister is an otaku that far surpasses his imagination.

  • After thirty minutes the lights in their room are killed. On the notebook screen is a bustup of that game. Standing before the screen is a tiny cake. This dark room is only illuminated by the romantic light of candles.
  • "... Huhuhu.... Christmas-tan (I think she's called Christmas that character....), merry christmas"
  • Kirino holds her face with both hands and looks quite happy at the sight of that bustup. The tiny cake was bought by Kyousuke at the request of Kirino. At the sight of his imouto Kyousuke freezes.
  • Kyousuke asks Kirino about this setting. After a little conversation with Kirino asking Kyousuke whether he truly doensn't know about it, she says something it's a Christmas ceremony, known by every erogamer. They continue to talk about that ceremony, with Kyousuke somehow in doubt about it.

  • Suddenly Kirino asks Kyousuke to sing a song with her. Kyousuke is surprised, but sees that Kirino's eyes are serious. So on Christmas eve they sing a song in a hotel, accompanied in the background by the eroge. Kyousuke thinks that he will never forget this scene.
  • Afterwards they play the main route for a few hours.
  • "It's about time we leave. Although with the story progressing it's not the ideal time."
  • "No, halting the story at this point is pretty good."
  • Kirino changed her spirit very cleanly, stretches a little after saving the game.
  • "Huh~ I'm satisfied~ I will look at the rest back at home!"
  • Next, it's going to watch the Skytree nightview!

  • Kyousuke thinks about how this Christmas already far surpassed last years' with the events of buying clothes in Harajuku, buying eroge in Akiba, playing eroge in the hotel, being together with his imouto. And it's after sunset, that they really enter Christmas. But..
  • "The sky's full of clouds! I mean... clouds everywhere!"
  • It's cloudy."
  • The situation is, the arrived at the Skytree platform, and it's cloudy. Kirino of course is not happy about that.
  • "What are you going to do now? There is no way to see the nightview like this!"
  • "Ok, ok... if you want to complain, complain to the Heavens."
  • This does nothing to calm Kirino's mood, so Kyousuke takes Kirino on a walk on the Skytree.
  • Then a description of the Skytree and the surroundings follow.
  • Kyousuke remarks how this is like one a spaceship. Kirino asks him if he ever was on a spaceship. Her anger apparentely still hasn't subsided.
  • Many couples are on that platform.
  • Kyousuke: "Oi, oi, Kirino, the attitude of this girlfriend is very likeable, telling the apologizing boyfriend 'It's not your fault, nothing can be done.'!"
  • He thinks how about Kirino learning something from that girl.
  • "This boyfriend is sincerely apologizing, then look at yourself, immediately pushed the responsibility up to the Heavens, what do you think about that?"
  • Kyousuke points towards a big screen, where they show the view that normally can be seen from up there.
  • Then a fireworks show begins. Kyousuke thinks about how this is the first time that he witnesses this kind of fireworks. The firework patterns are very clear
  • ".... just like Kirino's face."
  • "You said something?"
  • Kyousuke asks Kirino to go to another spot on the Skytree, even though it's cloudy. He thinks about how these could really disrupted his entire plan.
  • "... Ok, Ok, I know, I know. Ease up... I will stay with you until the end." "... Oh"
  • Kyousuke says to himself that after all this complaining, she once again shows a little tenderness.

  • At least the situation can't get any worse ----
  • Then, my prayers reached the Heavens, after going to the lookout platform by elevator, the miracle happened.
  • "-------It's snowing"
  • "---------White Christmas"

  • Kirino runs to the windows and claps her hands
  • "......Uh, hah........"
  • It's not only us. Smiles appeared on the faces of other couples when they saw this surprise.
  • .... When the sky was full of clouds I really though I my luck was so bad.
  • Haha, in the end I am a really lucky guy.
  • I also naturally started to smile.
  • "............. How is it. Beautiful, right?"
  • "It wasn't your work. You also did not say you looked at the weather report."
  • Kirino stares into the skyline, not moving her eyes. Even though these are cold statements, they can't hide the joy and smile in it.
  • "Haha, that's right, it wasn't my work."
  • -------Thank you, Heavens.
  • The lights that don't lose to the clouds, illuminate on the ground.
  • There, the white snow dance descends.
  • "............Really, so beautiful."
  • "Is that so, if it's that way, then it's good."
  • The more excited humans are, the less words they speak.
  • Us two, in this atmosphere, continue to look at the road that is being painted white by the snow flocks.
  • Two people
  • Two siblings
  • The surrounding couples also create their very own space
  • I also can no longer hear any surrounding noise.

  • --------- Good, let's do it.

  • "------Nah Kirino."
  • "Hmm, what?"
  • "About... Your future development"
  • We are beginning to talk about one of the main topics of this conversation.
  • No matter whether its me or Kirino, we both don't look at each other and instead continue to stare at the street.
  • "Ah, ah... you heard?"
  • "Yes... I heard."
  • "Who?.... Ayase?"
  • "---- Ah, Right on the mark."
  • ".... Is that so."
  • The conversation stops at once, for me it feels like for an eternity.
  • In truth, perhaps only 10 seconds had passed.
  • "I, after I graduate, plan to go abroad."
  • "........."
  • "It's been decided."
  • ".........."
  • I don't say a word, remain silent. And we still haven't made eye contact.
  • Kirino doesn't mind and continues in a determined way:
  • "I won't fail like in the past. This time I've already clearly seen through myself. ... I also will return home regularly, I'll also stay in touch with everyone.... Saori and the others will also come over and visit me."
  • "............................"

  • "--------- Come on, say something."

  • Kirino turns towards me
  • I slowly turn towards my imouto.
  • The lines of sight of the siblings finally cross.
  • "That... Kirino."
  • "Eh?"

  • "I, have somebody I love (or like)"

  • Just like that, I said those decisive words.
  • Towards the most important person of mine, I have to resolutely convey my determination (don't know how to best translate that part from Chinese, hope this works.)
  • The issue of the person whom I love
  • "............"
  • My imouto froze and listened to me silently. Perhaps she was shocked to a degree that she couldn't move.
  • "....sorry"
  • I temporarily stopped the conversation. I directly looked into her face. Kirino's facial expression still hasn't changed.
  • -------------a few seconds later
  • A chain of tears rolls down the face of my imouto.
  • "En...!"
  • She turns around and runs away.
  • I stand there while following her distancing view with my eyes.

  • - Chapter One End

Chapter 2


At the apartment that I once lived, I faced Ayase.

On her head she was wearing the hairpin that Kirino had given her.

'Because this is a unique treasure — I only wear it on special occasions.'

She once told me that about the hairpin.

"Really… you make me don’t know how to deal with you."

She sighed, as if she was mocking me.

"Onii-san is a big liar."

Her voice became serious.

"Not only that, you are perverted, lewd, a siscon, lolicon, and a huge masochist."

Tears welled up in her eyes.

"Every time we met, you sexually harassed me, made me angry…"

Her voice was trembling and getting weaker and weaker.

"You are such a kind idiot; you like to butt your nose in other's business."

She wiped away her tears with her sleeve, her voice firm.

"Not only are you dense, unreasonable and kind, but you always troubled me —"

"But that is the onii-san who I fell in love with."

She finally said it aloud.

You could say that I'm putting on a front, but listen. After hearing that confession — before hearing 'my answer', please remember the memories that I had accumulated with Ayase.

So turn back the clock, turn back the clock on our relationship and I will tell you the story of that time.


I started living on my own and Ayase was tasked with 'managing me.' Everyday she came to my home and acted like a housewife.

Heaven and Hell are unexpectedly close.

Although using that old saying as a start is a bit too much, I felt that was my recent daily life. Everyday, after I came back from school.

"Welcome back, onii-san."

She wore an apron like an angel and welcomed me back.

Is there anyone who is happier than me now — of course not!

"I'm back, Ayase."

Next should be 'What kind of conversation is that! It's like we are newlyweds!'. Just when those thoughts emerged in my head.

"Um. Say — what is that?"

Just like a devil, she held a kitchen knife in one hand and an ero magazine in the other.

Is there anyone who is in worse condition than me now — of course not!


I froze at the entrance and broke into a cold sweat. I tried to break the current situation.

"… Ayase. Before we talk about the main topic — can you please drop the knife?"


Ayase's super cute face was too much, I wanted to take a picture of it — but her eyes weren't laughing!

I, I should say that my instincts are screaming at me now ~ or should I say that we have to carefully think about our future.

"… Oh? Of course I can… however…"

Ayase coldly looked at me, said:

"In short, please come in first. Don't just stand here."

"… Thank you very much."

Actually, isn't this my house?

Ayase. Kirino. Kuroneko. Even Saori. Why did all of the girls I knew always do whatever they wanted here?

Phew… at least I didn't have to be worried about getting killed right now — just when I thought so.

"… Hey Ayase. What is with that bugspray in your hand?"

"What do you think?"

"…Are there cockroaches in the house?"

"……… *Stare*"

"Don't stare at me!? What? Are you saying that I'm a harmful insect now!?"

"Oh! I'm surprised that onii-san can be aware of that on your own, but please before I say anything, don't make assumptions and get angry."

"That's what you meant, isn't it!?"

Don't you think that's too much?

As expected from someone who broke Mikagami in just one day.

Replacing the knife with her new weapon, Ayase took a very cute pose, *pzzzzz~ pzzzzz* and started a gas attack toward the air.

"That insecticide gas… is also poisonous to humans ~"

I thought it was just Ayase's way of beating around the bush for saying 'I want to kill you.' But there was no way I could do that same about the main topic, so I said:

"Okay, let's start talking about the main topic."

I spread out my hands and motioned for Ayase to sit down. We sat face to face, a pack of tied together ero magazines between us. Ayase spoke in a terrified tone and repeated her question from earlier.

"I will ask you again… What are those?"

"…… Ero magazines."

Directly to the point… It's not like I had a choice.

"Heh ~ uh, I see."

Ayase's eyes became dull.

Ah ~ my treasure… was going to be thrown away. I clearly hid it carefully, yet this girl could still manage to find out. What a scary girl.

"Onii-san… why are you looking at me with rebellious eyes? You, don't you think that it's very impolite to let a girl find out about those pervert magazines?"

"I clearly hid them properly. Don't you think it's strange for you to look for it and tell me about being impolite?"

"I'm was not looking for it! And — besides, it is not a good thing to have this at home!"

"I get it already, so please stop using the bugspray!"

My room stunk now.

"Any-any-any-anyway, that's it!"

*whap whap — bang!*

From the pile of tied up magazines, Ayase slammed a particular one on the table.

"Why is a magazine with my photo hidden in the same place with them?"

"… That's a very difficult question."

How should I say it.

"Is my swimsuit photo the same as those ero magazines?"

Yeah, your swimsuit is really ero.

However, since I swore that I wouldn't sexually harrass her again, I couldn't say that to her.

So I said this instead:

"This is a misunderstanding, Ayase."

"… What part of it is a misunderstanding?"

"There is a photo of Kirino in a swimsuit in that magazine too."

"That is even worse! You pervert!"

*Bang* Both physical and mental violence burst open on my mind.

"You, you hit me with the bugspray? That is not what you use it for!"

"Don't try to change the subject! So, onii-san did look at Kirino with pervert eyes…."

"That's why I told you it isn't like that!"

Until Ayase could accept this lie, how many times would I have to be a victim of her killer kick.

You guys can imagine the rest.

… In short, those were basically my memories with Ayase.

The life which was both Heaven and Hell continued.

On a Saturday, Ayase came to my house in the morning and started doing housework. Of course I told her many times that 'you don't have to do it at this level,' but the determined Ayase always replied with a smile:

" — Because this is Kirino's request. Besides, I can't — leave onii-san alone."

From another point of view, she was an angel.

Although I wasn't boasting like a certain fanblog, it was only a matter of time before wings appeared on Ayase's back.

Ayase was wearing a cute and adorable bear apron.

Totally like a newlywed couple. What was that? She clearly went a little overboard.

Hey hey ~ Ayase, could it be that you liked me already ~ I could easily have a strange misunderstanding, you know ~.

I had to thank Kirino properly later.

"Onii-san, I'm going to use the washing machine now. I'm sorry for the noise."

"Ah ~ it's fine, don't worry."

Bathed in this happiness, I went to my table and started focusing on studying.

*Rugh rugh rugh rugh* I could hear the sound of the washing machine.

After about an hour of studying… I suddenly felt that someone was staring at the back of my neck.


I turned my head back and saw Ayase staring at me from the middle of the room.

"Is something wrong?"

"No, nothing at all."


I felt a little strange, but I turned back.


……………… No, it bugged me very much!

I turned my head back again and found out that Ayase was staring at me with the same posture from earlier.

"… About."

"Oh! Yes!?"

"… Are you free?"


Ayase sat in the middle of the room, both of her hands slightly clenched and placed on her knees. Her eyes were looking this way.

… Seemed like I was right. Well, since she came so early, she finished everything that needed to be done early too.

"About that… please don't mind me and keep studying."

"I'm very concerned if you keep staring at me like that."

"So what do you want me to do, onii-san?"

How should I know?!

"Are you making a fuss?"

"I'm not."

No matter whether it was your tone or your expression, you were clearly making a fuss.

"Uhm….it would be better if I can find something for you to kill time."

"For example? Like what?"

"… Books… and… stuff…?"

I glanced in a corner, where my tied-up treasures were laid waiting to be burned away.

"You, you want me to look at those ero magazine!"

"I haven't said anything yet!"

"This is sexual harrassment! Pervert!"

"Why do you seem a little happy?"

"I'm not making such an expression!"

You clearly were! Damn… recently, this girl always interpreted my words as sexually harassment then got angry with me. In fact, I didn't mean it.

Could it be that she felt lonely because I stopped sexually harassing her? — That couldn't be true, although her actions were so strange that I couldn't help but think about it in that weird way.

"Books are a no then… how about a game?"

"Onii-onii-san…you are living alone to focus on your studies, why did you bring a game with you?"

"Ah, no, I didn't."

"Hoh ~ um… there is no way I could not confiscate it…"

She sounded like an overprotective mother! The current situation was really like that. Ayase's husband and children were going to have a hard time.

Ayase smiled, both of her hands started eagerly moving around.

"So… where is it hidden? I have checked everywhere in this room."

"Hey! What did you just say?"

"Oh! I'm the one who is charged with cleaning it, of course that is my duty right?"

"Don't tilt your head and make an I-know-nothing-about-it expression! Your actions have far surpassed a lover's level!"

"Love-love-lover….I only came to monitor you…Don't misunderstand! Hmph!"

Aaaaaaaaaaaa! What a troublesome girl.

Right in front of my frowning face, Ayase energetically started looking for the game. What a pity, that game had already been installed on my laptop. With that, everyone could pass their time.

And so, right now in this room, there was only one game —

'The Beginning of Imouto-wife ~ The Forbidden Life of the Two~'

There was only a single disk, so…?

… Not good.

The scene of Ayase happily searching for that game suddenly looked like a scene from Hell.

"… But, but… there is no problem."

I muttered to myself.

Why? Because after Kanako's devil-like's rant, I had super-carefully hidden it away (of course I never played this game. Not once!).

Not only did I frequencly change where I hid it (a drawer inside the kitchen, inside the shoe boxes and like), right now, it was hidden in a most secure place. Even Ayase shouldn't have been able to find it.

Why did I say so —

Let me surprise you. It was hidden in the corner of the room, inside the cabinet. And that cabinet was still covered with cloth. Ayase once looked inside and saw those ero figures, after that she didn't bother removing the cloth.

Ha ha… I won! That place was secure. My mind was really good.

"Hah oh! ~~ I see… So it was hidden in the cabinet?"

"How could you know?"

I was so surprised that I almost flew out. Ayase's dull eyes showed me a worried expression.

"Because… onii-san kept looking that way, how could I not feel suspicious about that."

"Damn, damn it!"

I was so stupid. Ayase's action were clear without saying.

"So — game confiscated"

*Rustle* She took down the cloth. Because of the ero scene inside, Ayase blushed and took the sealed paper box.

"So this is it huh!"

"Wait… wait a second Ayase! Don't open it!"

"Why, why are you resisting so desperately?"

"Because, because that is —"

*Creek* I didn't have a chance to explain. Ayase had opened the box —

Little sister based eroge meet Ayase-sama.



That! Such horrible awkward silence! Not only Kanako, dad and now a third round?

Damn it! I want to kill God for this!

Even if you were going to expose me, don't expose me to such terrifying person!

"… T… T… This… this…."

However, the scene of Ayase embarrassed nearly to the point of crying… made me a bit excited.

I didn't say it out loud. I only thought it, so it didn't count as sexual harassment, okay!

After mentally preparing myself to receive a killer flying kick, I focused to memorize the current erotic expression on Ayase's face. But the next development was unlike what I expected.

"… This…"

"Um? Yes?"

"… This… this…"

Ayase held the eroge, blushed and looked down. She said something that I couldn't hear.

She was so embarrassed that she couldn't voice it — that was what I thought. So I asked:

"Could it be… that you want to try this game?"

"How could I play that! Idiot!"

The atmosphere instantly disappeared.

"So, then what?"

"No… this game… Did Kirino gave it to onii-san?"

"… Ah, yeah."

She didn't misunderstand.

"…… So Kirino… wants to do… this with onii-san?"

"Hey hey! What messed up things are you saying?"

"Ah! I, I didn't mean it…! No, no she didn't want me. She actually wanted to come take care of onii-san herself. That's what I felt when I saw this title!"


In an instant, my eyes widened.

----- It's fine if you don't come back, speak in a super refresh tone.

----- I will give you one chance to tell me to do anything.

"…… If that's true, then that's great."

I smiled from the bottom of my heart.

After she found out about the terrible eroge, Ayase cleaned up the room. After that, whenever she was free, she began studying on her own. Thinking back, she was going to graduate this year too… I was so sorry because she had to sacrifice her precious time to take care of me —

No, it was more accurate to say my heart was full of gratitude.

And the next day, Sunday afternoon —

"I'm back………… ah?"

When I returned home after visiting the convenience store for fruit juice, I saw an extraordinary scene.

Let me tell you about it.

Ayase had opened my wardrobe and tried to find my underwear.

"…… Ayase… what, are you doing?"


Ayase subconsciously straightened her back. Seemed like she was too focused on that and didn't notice me until now.

"…… Onii-onii-onii-san… Welcome back."

She turned and faced me, a pair of my underwear still in her hand.

I should say 'that line' now, shouldn't I?

"What welcome back!? I'm going to call the police!"

"W-wh-why-why-why… are you calling the police?"

"Look at the current situation!"

I pointed at Ayase.

"You are not an angel now! You are an underwear thief!"

"This is a misunderstanding!"

Still tightly holding my underwear in her hands, her posture wasn't the least bit convincing. I opened my mouth and spoke in a serious tone:

"I see… I finally get it. Recently… I only noticed it after I moved here — my underwear slowly disappeared without any explanation — so you are the culprit!"

"This is truly a misunderstanding!"

Those words couldn't explain the current situation. Ayase continued:

"Any-anyway… I'd rather kill you myself than steal such filthy things!"

"Your words don't make any sense!"

Did you mean 'I'd rather die than steal this thing'?

Why did it turn into me getting killed?!

"Anyway, please calm down first!"

"How could I calm down in this state?"

Come back home to find a beautiful girl searching through my underwear! Of course I would feel confused.

"Before I call the police, I will ask you something. Ayase…what is your intention?"

"Really… onii-san is so troublesome…"

Normally, I'm the one who said that.

Still tightly holding my underwear, Ayase said, as if she was angry at herself.

"I only want to wash onii-san's underwear!"

"You don't have to wash underwear that is already inside the wardrobe!"


Ayase's eyes flared with anger, she placed my underwear in front of me.

"So why do you want to wash my underwear?"

"Oh… because…"

Because Ayase was mad, I was little taken back.

What? What did I just ask Ayase? Why was a beautiful girl mad at me because of 'washing underwear'? I totally don't get it.

"… You have to change underwear everyday when you take a bath, right?"

"I was asking 'why do you want to wash them?'"

Ah… I thought… I was slowly getting it.

"When I washed your clothes… I never found any underwear… so I think it's strange… thus today I searched your wardrobe!"

… I see… I thought that….

"I see….I can rest assured now. It's not for putting on the head, sniffing, or licking or something like that."

"Of course not! Don't imagine pervert things!"

In 'The Beginning of Imouto-Wife,' there were scenes like that.

What kind of pervert was I? The guys who made that game and Kirino who forcefully pushed it onto me were the real perverts.

"Because it's embarrassing to let a girl wash it for me… I washed it myself."

"There is no need for such unnecessary scruples. In the future, just leave them alone after bathing."

Such embarrassing lines, I couldn't believe that Ayase could bluntly say them aloud.

However, I wasn't scrupling. It was embarrassing. She didn't understand me at all. However the serious Ayase was quite terrifying too….

"I get it. Then I will throw then into the clothes basket after bathing."

I had no choice but to say that.

"Hoh, it's good that onii-san understands."

Ayase looked satisfied, she straightened her chest. I looked at her hands and said:

"… Say, how long are you going to hold onto my underwear?"


Pffff! Ayase's face turned deep red, she threw my underwear aside.

Just like some filthy thing! … Ah forget it.

I came home and set off a chain commotion, and finally it was about to stop…… Just when I thought so, Ayase crawled to me on all fours like a beast.

"So, onii-san — please take them off."


Even with my high level criticize skill, at that moment that was all I could manage to say.

… What did this girl just say?

"Please take it off."

Ayase's eyes flashed, she repeated herself.

… No, no way… she is serious.

I could only dumbly stand in place. At my feet, Ayase was pulling my trousers down.

This was more unbelievable than just now! What was going on with this world?

"Why must I take them off?"

"Because I want to wash onii-san's underwear right now — so please take them off."

"Wait what? I don't need to take a bath right now!"

"No, I came here because of Kirino's request!"

"Stop Ayase! Kirino surely didn't hope for you to do that!"

"Onii-san, what do you know about Kirino!"

The scene right now is 'I tried to convince the fearsome criminal Ayase.'

By the way, this girl…

"I thought that you wanted to strip me naked?"

"I-I don't! Just when I decide to do something, I can't remain calm until I do it properly!"

So she was very troubled unless she washed my underwear at least once, right?

Although I didn't fully understand, Ayase considered washing my underwear her mission. What a troublesome girl as usual.

"Alright… let me take them off properly!"

"Alright… hey… wait…! Don't take off my belt!"

Because Ayase pushed my feet, I fell backward.

On the other hand, like a beast, Ayase crawled up and began to pull my trousers —"

"How are you Kyousuke I brought a gift to comfort you Listen, this time, they taste really good — ah?"


At that time, Kanako appeared.


"……… No, no, it's not like that. Kanako… this is…"


Kanako's expression remained unchanged, she watched the situation and suddenly brought her cell phone to her ear.

"Kirino ~ Ayase is raping your brother ~"


When Kanako said that was only a joke, I felt that Kanako was like a goddess from the bottom of my heart.

A few hours later —

"Really… I can't let my guard down around Kanako…"

"… I'm the one who can't let my guard down around you."

I was at my table and mutttering in a tone that no one could hear.

"— Did you just say something?"

A terrifying voice boomed behind me. I hastily denied:

"Still, Ayase, there is no need to chase Kanako away. She did bring a gift for us."

Kanako brought her hand-made cake.

After explaining the misunderstanding to Kanako, Ayase said:

'It was decided that I'm the one who will take care of onii-san, so what are you doing here!' (my own translation)

Basically, she meant it and chased Kanako away.

The poor Kanako could only leave the cake behind.

We shared this cake together. I had to properly thank her later —

And Manami too. Although Kanako didn't say it aloud, I knew that she took part in it… Thank you, you two.

"What is so bad with sharing it with her?"

"Ha…really, onii-san is sweeter than cake[1]. To chase away every foreign thing that can interfere with your studies is my mission, which is one of the requests that Kirino made of me."

"I see. I myself think that I could relax and have a talk with Kanako."

"Hoh ~ uhm…onii-san, do you want to have tea with Kanako?"

"Yeah, like that."


"? Is something wrong?"

She suddenly became quiet.

Suddenly, I felt that Ayase had just took a knife and pointed it at my back. I panickingly turned my head around.

She stared at me in a very bad way.

"Nothing… nothing at all."

"So…what is with your expression?"

Your gaze at me was like an arrow. But if I said that, she would consider it sexual harassment.

Ah ah, how troublesome. I had no choice but to keep silent.

"Say, how long are you going to take a break, onii-san?"

"Oh! No no! I have always been studying right in front of you."

I wasn't slacking off!

"Based on my monitoring, you aren't focusing on study."

"Monitor? You just said monitor right?

"Yes. For example — you see, right now your hand has stopped moving."


She always stands behind me, so I was wondering what she was doing — I never thought she did that…

"Since when did you become a mother-like character who monitors my studies?"

"Ah, that is a nice word. From now on, call me mother."

"Allow me to refuse. I have no such interest."

What would I do if someone saw me call Ayase mother!?

I would die.

"I see… If you wore glasses, you would look more like a supervising mother."

I didn't return to my studies and kept joking. But a voice that made me shudder sounded behind me.

"… Teaching stick… whip… where are they selling them…"

"I love study! Sir!"

She is not a supervising mother, but a demonic instructor instead.

Under the surveillance of this demonic instructor, I once again began to study.

To tell the truth, this time, my studies went much better than any pervious session. Could it be that I was the type only able to grow up when being abused? It was really making me uneasy. If that was the case, then Kirino did choose the right person for this job —

I had been studying for two and a half hours, but my concentration was still good.

"U… uh…"

I straightened my back and then yawned "Hoh ~~"

With perfect timing, a cup of coffee came from behind me.

"Thanks for the hardwork, onii-san. How about taking a break and drinking a cup of coffee?"

"Right right ~ Thank you ~"

I should have enjoyed her devoted services, but the only things on my mind at that time were:

'Carrot and stick.'[2]

Sorry Ayase. But your timing was too perfect so it felt creepy.

I turned to Ayase and said:

"… Say, are you always monitoring me from behind?"

"Of course? ~ Then I make coffee when the time is right."

If she answered it that way, I thought it was cute.

… So what was it? Was her action creepy or cute? I couldn't make a guess.

I drank a bit of coffee, a sweet aroma spread in my mouth.

"… It is good."

"Really? One piece of sugar, no milk…so that's it?"

"Ah ah… why do you know my favorite?"

"Oh hehe… it's a secret~?"

Although she was very cute when she was embarrassed, answer my question! It was so scary!

"Hoh… thanks for the drink."

I put the cup down. Ayase kept talking with me:

"Because today onii-san tried really hard… tomorrow, I will make whatever you like to eat."

"Oh! Really?"

"Yes. And then, uhm…"

Ayase made a proposal:

"Onii-san, if possible… to change the mood, do you want to go shopping for food with me?"

"Of course I can!"

I reallyyyyyyyyy couldn't keep studying nonstop anymore.

"That's good to hear. Then tomorrow, okay."


Ah ~ now I was looking forward to it.

"Ha… I'd feel embarrassed if you are that happy. Ah, right. Today I have a present for onii-san too."

"Oh oh? What is that? Today's services are really good!"

I said happily. Ayase replied with a gentle expression.

"This ~."

From the look of it, it was an A4 size paper with a round chart.

"What is that?"

"Onii-san's 24 hours schedule ~ what do you think, onii-san?"

"I don't have to carefully look at it to see that there is no time to sleep in there!"

"Oh! According to onii-san's learning skills, since when you have time to sleep?"

"I need! You look down on my learning skills too much! If I studied nonstop for a month I would die!"

"I'm only joking! Why are you acting so serious?"

"Because normally, I can't consider your words and action just now a joke!"

The stick following the carrot had arrived.

Ah ah… seemed like I couldn't slack off in my studies.

The next day, afternoon, I met up with Ayase in front of the bus station and went to the supermarket.

It was now October. The weather was clean but cold.

"It's so cold today, unlike Autumn."

I wore a thick scarf around my neck, my breathe turned white.

"Isn't that a good thing to get rid of your sleepiness?"

Today Ayase wore — I think it's called tube top. She wore a strapless dress with a warm jacket outside. She looked like an adult.

By the way, I had to force myself to look away from her chest. So damned hard.

Although it might have already been too late, I still wanted to ask:

"You, why… eh… why are you wearing such bold clothes?"

What were you intending to do?

"I, I'm not. Because I had a photo shoot today, I came here without changing…"

I thought it was better to change. When I was about to say that.


I forced myself to shut up. Long ago, there was a time when Kirino and I were in a similar situation.

'These are the clothes I wore when I took the photo shoot, then they just gave them to me ~ so I just kept wearing it. What do you think? Does it suit me~ ?'

At that time, I should have praised her.


"Well, it's not bad, but…

"… Is something wrong?"

"Um… it's too bold. Isn't it a bit too early for a middle school girl?"

It's not like I didn't feel happy when seeing Ayase in those clothes. But I couldn't hide my worry.

"I will take this chance and speak my true feelings. The same for Kirino, swimsuits or those revealing clothes… I really hope that she will stop accepting them. Ah, although I think they're very cute… I don't think that your work is too careless, but, what I want to say is…"

What was I saying? Ayase would get mad.

But Ayase went 'puh' and laughed.

"Onii-san, you are saying the same thing as my father."


"Yes. You are worried about me — I'm very grateful."

"No, it's nothing… I just said something unnecessary, sorry."


… Should I say it was awkward or embarrassing? Well, I should stop this topic.

We walked side by side and looked for other topics.

I looked at Ayase. In her hair, there was the hairpin Kirino gave her. The first time she wore it, I felt a little uneasy. Somehow, now I didn't feel that way anymore.

"You are wearing Kirino's hairpin again. It's more appropriate than before."

"Hehee ~ really ~?"

"Right, you seem more confident now. Say, is that because I'm now used to it?"

"It's not like that."

Ayase straightened her chest and said:

"I'm a model too. I will work hard on every aspect to become worthy of this hairpin."

"Hoh ~ … is that why? Is it the same for Kirino?"

"Onii-san, do you mean about this hairpin? You see, Kirino is naturally suited to it."

"… Hoh ~ uhm."

"By the way, Ayase. It has been a while since your last time wearing this hairpin."

"Ah ~ so onii-san noticed too."

Because Ayase was too cute, I frequently paid attention to that, but of course I wouldn't say that out loud

"You can say so."

Ayase lightly touch her hairpin.

"Kirino gave me this hairpin…so it is very important to me. Because I only have one unique precious treasure like this — I only wear it on special occasions."

"? Aren't you wearing it now?"

Ayase placed one of her fingers on the corner of her month and said in a mischievous tone.

"I wonder why ~? What do you think, onii-san?"

"Because, this is a special day?"

"Yes, you got it right. Then — what is it for a special day?"

"Uh ~ ….I don't know!"

Seeing my helpless situation, Ayase laughed happily.

"Really ~ such an idiot~"

"How could I know without you telling me?"


"What? What's wrong with telling me?"

"Hehe, no – means no. Ah, how about I give you a hint then?"

Ayase gently stroked her hairpin.

"Long ago, this hairpin — Kirino received this from 'somebody'. Because she treasured it very much, she couldn't wear it everyday. That's why she bought a lot of similar hairpins."


"It was very hard to convince Kirino to give me even one."

"I see. But how is that a hint? I still don't understand."

"Oh, is that so? By the way, onii-san."


"You have such happy expression."


"I do not."


No clear context. Simply random unrelated story —

A very long time ago, there was a time when the first year, middle schooler Kousaka Kyousuke once on a rare chance gave his little sister a present.

It was merely a 500 Yen hairpin.

So… there was no point thinking about it now.

We finally arrived at the station in front of the supermarket. Because the price was quite high, normally I never came here. Today, I only came here for Ayase. Hopefully I could have a decent dinner.

"So, let's hurry and start shopping."

Since Ayase was holding the basket, I naturally offered my hand.

"Let me carry it."

"Oh… ah, yes."

Ayase whispered and nodded once. What a wonderful girlish reaction. Even I noticed my senses went over the top. I kept walking slowly and pretended to speak in a calm tone:

"So, what do you want to eat?"

"What do you want, onii-san?"

"Anything is fine."

"Really… anything is the most difficult choice."

Manami said so too. By the way, in recent years, Manami had evolved to the point that she could use clairvoyance to predict what I wanted to eat and make it for me. Truly, I couldn't ask Ayase for the same thing.

"Hum ~ … what is good. Still, it's true that anything is fine. Because it's Ayase's handmade meal."

"E-even kind words are unnecessary."

"No, I'm telling the truth. Your cooking is amazing."

Compared to Kanako and Kirino and you would realize it soon.

Recently, I noticed that girls with motherly instincts like Manami or Kuroneko are ultra rare.

"How could you be that good? Do you frequency help out with housework?"

"Not exactly help, it's more accurate to say that I was taught at home. When I was small, mother taught me to take care of cleaning and washing.

"Ha ~"

So strict. Although my father was scary too, he never asked us to do housework.

"Is it the same in the case of cooking?"

"No, that… because."

"… Could it be… you practice it because of me…?"

"Of course not."

With a blank expression, she denied.

"In the house work class, I was in the same group… so I prepared everything. Because I want Kirino to enjoy my delicious cooking."

"Ha, ha. So for Kirino huh."

Her feelings for Kirino had gone beyond friendship as usual. However, because of that Kirino became aware of Ayase's real cooking skill.

"Still, although I'm happy that onii-san praised me, compared to onee-san, my cooking is not that good, right?"

"Well, it's true."

"… So blunt. Don't you think that it's better to be a little modest here?"

"In that kind of conversation, lying is not good."

"Hmph ~"

"Still, Ayase's cooking is really good. Today I'm looking forward to it."

"… Yes yes. Then allow this little girl to try her best."

Hm ~ she turned her head away. Ah… I made her angry.

Ayase glanced at me:

"If onii-san isn't going to choose anything then I will make potato stew with beef."

"Huh? Is that your specialty?"

"No, it's onii-san's favorite."

That is why I wanted to ask, why do you know everything about me?

"I heard about it from onee-chan. Didn't Kanako just make it for onii-san? Then I'm going to made potato stew with beef too."

I felt that her fighting spirit had awakened.

"So, let's choose some meat first ~"

Ayase raised her index finger, closed one of her eyes and showed me a very attractive smile. If it wasn't the current me, I would have fallen in love with her for sure.


When we arrived at the meat store, we were assaulted with pork's flavor.

Was that a tasting bar? The lady who was tending it called to us.

"The missus over here! How about it!? This beef is very cheap!"


! ~ Ayase's suddenly froze.

"No, thank you!"

Somehow, she looked shaken. She quickly walked away.

"Hey… what are you doing all of the sudden…"

"Nothing at all…"

She suddenly stopped, her cheeks reddened, she whispered:

"M-m-mi-missus…… Just now, did she mean me…?"

"Ha? Ah ah ah… I think she did."

"I, we… do we look like a newlywed couple!?"

Ayase suddenly stared at me and leaned over. Somehow, her atmosphere became so menacing.

"*Blew*, that, well, I think it's just a standard greeting. Like 'welcome' or 'please take care of me.'"

"I see. That's right."

"That's right. Because how could Ayase and I look like a newlywed couple?"

Look at our age, we were only a middle school girl and a high schooler.

"………… with, without thinking carefully it's truly like that."

"I know, right? Just now, you had a strange misunderstanding. You seemed shaken and confused, but don't worry. When we walk side by side, we just look like siblings."

Well, our appearance didn't really look like siblings.


"So? Are we going to keep shopping?"

"Of course!"

Somehow Ayase looked afraid, and began to walk faster.

…What is going on?

"Ah~ Kyousuke-kun."

After we paid for our stuff, I heard someone calling to me.

I turned my head around and saw an onee-chan who was holding a baby.

"Ack, isn't that Fate-san!?"

Since some might have already forgotten about her, let me reintroduce her — she was Iori Fate Setsuna. The greedy editor who once tried to steal Kirino's novel.

The last time we met was during Summer Comiket —

I didn't even want to lecture her anymore.

"You have a child now!?"

"This is not my child!"

Fate-san hastily tried to deny. The baby she was holding broke into happy laughter.

"This child… Since I'm now working at a child center… alright? This is one of my junior's children… Although it's a bit cruel, a single mother is very busy. In fact… I'm in quite a lot of trouble."

"A lot huh."

"Yes, a lot. For example, I'm the one who created this group and commercialized it. I should have been hailed as a hero, yet somehow I was kicked aside! Like the advisor position, which was taken away from me. I managed to pay off all of my debt, but now I have no choice but to try all kind of work…"

"……… I don't want to hear anymore."

Everyone had their own troubles. If you wanted to rant about it, even a movie wouldn't be long enough. In this situation, even Kanako and Saori could tell. It's so much that no one could listen to them all.

This woman's drama, it was as good as a B-class.

"Say, Kyousuke-kun — are you hanging out with your girlfriend?"


Both me and Ayase let out a weird sound. I hastily waved my hand.

"No, no, it's not like that!"

"Huh, maybe. You don't really look like a couple."

That was right.

I started explaining things to Fate-san.

"This is Aragaki Ayase, Kirino's good friend — and my friend too."

"Pleased to meet you, I'm Aragaki Ayase."

"I'm Iori Fate Setsuna. Pleased to meet you, Aragaki-san."

"About that… have we met somewhere before?"

"No, I think it's our first meeting."

"I see… Sorry."

Ayase and Fate-san's introduction ended. Fate-san purposely clapped her hands and said:

"Oh right. Kyousuke-kun, Aragaki-san — it must be fate that brought us here together, can I ask you for a small help?"

"Eh! No ~"

"I haven't said anything yet!?"

Facing the unexpected reply, Fate-san was taken aback.

"O-onii-san… that's unlike you…? At least hear her out…."

"No no. Her requests always cause a lot of trouble."

I didn't even need to hear it. I wanted to cut off all possible relationships with her.

"Besides, today I want to get home earlier so Ayase can cook for me. Then she could 'ah ~' and feed me. With such an important mission, please forgive me for not helping you."

"I'm not going to do that! Don't suddenly think of some evil desire!"

"Alright alright. Listen to your girlfriend, at least hear me out ~"

"I told you she is not my girlfriend —"

Ah… so annoying.

"Alright alright. I get it. I will listen, okay? Don't cause any more trouble here."

I had no choice but to say that.

"As expected of Kyousuke-kun! You really get it! Then please go to that bench over here."

Fate-san switched to her naïve-sounding tone (despite that she is in her twenties).

Her attitude gave me a bad feeling.

She pulled my sleeve… and I said:

"Since you asked us to move to somewhere else, that means it's going to take a while, right?"

"Of course not. My request can be said in one sentence."

"I'm going to play pachinko [3], please take care of this child while I'm away!"

"Take care of this child my ass!"

See, Ayase? This is a hikikomori for you.

That was why — on a bench, Ayase and I had no choice but to try to be nannies.

"… What the heck is with that hikikomori."

"… Sorry, onii-san. Because I said 'at least listen to her'…I wasn't aware that she was such a hikikomori back then…"

"Since it's the first time you met her, it's already amazing that you could tell this much."

By the way, I was the one holding the child at the moment.

"It can't be helped then. If we weren't here, there is no way to know what this woman would do… I should say it could be worse."

Although I didn't believe that she would leave this child on the bench and play at pachinko, but even a one in million chance is worth worrying.

"But onii-san has to study for the test…"

"Don't worry, she doesn't have much money. She will come back here in tears very soon."

She said she would repay me after she won, but that wasn't a very realistic future.


Because Ayase had a strong sense of responsibility, she was still blaming herself. Being too serious is quite troublesome too sometimes.

"Ayase, can you give me Fate-san's bag?"

"This one?"

"Yes yes."

I took the bag and checked the contents.

"Milk bottle, diapers, water bottle… used clothes… toilet paper… wet cloth… Alright, no problem — alright ~ good ~ good ~"

I adjusted the child strap [4] and made a funny face at him.

He gradually smiled with me. Such a good child.

"Good ~ good ~ good kid~"

"… Onii-san, you seem to be very skilled."

"I'm surprised myself. Seems like my body remembers. When Kirino was small — it was so long ago."


Ayase looked like she had just remembered that I'm an elder brother with a little sister myself.

"I was about three or four years old back then, so I couldn't do something too difficult, but I remember changing her diaper or feeding her milk. Mother must have asked me to do that."

"… Back then, what was Kirino like as a child?"

"A super moody child! She would cry if the diaper was not the same type she like. She chose her toy very seriously. And sometimes she cried in the middle of the night. Back then, each night was so noisy."


"Father, mother and I, every day we tried our best to please her. To tell the truth, some people who don't have a child think that having one would bring a lot of happy memories, but actually they are only a minority."

"… Is, is that so?"

"Yes, it is."

Kids were only cute in your imagination.

Compared to reality, my little sister was someone who always abused me. She was not cute at all.

While we were talking, the child expressed his displeasure.

"Alright alright ~ wait a sec."

I removed the tape and placed the child on the bench. After I prepared some toilet paper, I removed the diaper and cleaned him carefully.

"Of course, when Kirino got older, she is still the same."

"Please don't say this out loud!"


I smiled kindly. Then I said:

"Ayase, hold this child for me for a moment."


Her eyes widened.

"Let, let, let me hold this child?"

"Yes, is that okay?"

Ayase looked at the cute moving little child, her cheeks reddened.

"No… it's not a problem… but… I have never held a child before."

"I will teach you. The most important thing is not to become nervous."

I helped Ayase put the child on his back and taught her how to hold him.

"Like, like that?"

"Yes yes. Good job… Alright, it's not going to be a problem. Can you please take care of him for a while? I will go buy a new diaper and come back immediately."

"Oh! P-please come back as soon as possible!"

"Of course."

I ran toward a convenience store and bought a new diaper. When I came back, Ayase looked very worried, she was trying her best to cheer the child up.

"How is that?"

"Ah, onii-san — the child seemed to be about to cry…"

"Ah… since I just change the diaper… could it be that he is hungry."

"Then, then… what should we do?"


The bench that we sat on was next to a toilet, and there was a nursery next to it.

"Ayase, feed the child some milk."

"How could I do that, pervert!"

"You… you hit me with the water bottle? Do you want to kill me?"

"Because you tried to sexually harass me at this time!"

"I meant cow's milk! There is no way a middle school girl could breast feed a child!"

"Then why don't you say that from the beginning? Don't use such misleading words! Also, don't stare at my breasts!"

"I wasn't staring at your breasts! I stared at the child in front of your breasts!"

Although it is true that my eyes were drawn to your cleavage!

"Ha 23:47, June 30, 2013 (UTC) really! Always always always —— onii-san's existence is so perverted that it makes me misunderstand things!"

"I'm not like that! You are the one with such a perverted existence ~~!"

That ~ must ~ be ~ it! Because every time, you always think in a perverted way!

"That! This is too much…!"

The hungry child didn't care about our newlywed couple's quarrel — no, it was me and Ayase.

At this moment, the child made a scary action.

"Da23:47, June 30, 2013 (UTC) (the child's innocent cry)"

*Tzzzz201.172.146.32 23:47, June 30, 2013 (UTC)* (The child did something to Ayase's strapless dress)

* 23:47, June 30, 2013 (UTC)* (The sound of a very important part of Ayase exposed)



Seeing my reaction, Ayase slowly looked down —

Time froze.

Then — one second later..

"Eh… eh, eek, eekkkkkkk"

"A-Ayase, let me… this is an accident!"

Although I panickingly tried to explain, a hot liquid fell from my nose.

This sealed my final chance.

"Yaaaaaa 23:47, June 30, 2013 (UTC)23:47, June 30, 2013 (UTC)23:47, June 30, 2013 (UTC)23:47, June 30, 2013 (UTC)23:47, June 30, 2013 (UTC)23:47, June 30, 2013 (UTC)23:47, June 30, 2013 (UTC)23:47, June 30, 2013 (UTC)23:47, June 30, 2013 (UTC)23:47, June 30, 2013 (UTC)!" *Thud!*

I can die without regret.

That was what I thought when my vision turned dark.

"— That was what happened between us."

"Ah… that was a unique kick that I had never seen before."

Luckily, I survived.

"Say, say, say! How could you talk about such an embarrassing old story!"

"Because you started talking about past experiences!"

Yes… after we talked about those experiences, we came back to reality.

At the apartment that I once lived alone, I faced Ayase —

I love you.

I — was confessed to by Ayase.

There were no tear in her eyes. Her feelings changed with each embarrassing memory she recalled.

"Really… a lot has happened."

"Yes… how nostalgic. It really is just a quick life."

I looked up at the apartment.

For two months, I had lived in room 201. In that small room, I shared a lot of time with Ayase. I did want to return home before, but when I moved back, I found out that I had some lingering feeling toward this place. That was normal, because there, I spent time together with Ayase —

That time must gave Ayase the feeling to confess to me.

"Onii-san… your answer."



"Sorry. I already have someone I love."

My answer had already been decided. She must have been aware of that already.


Tears fell down from Ayase's eyes nonstop.


A heavy slap.

"Onii-san is an idiot! *Thud! Thud!*

Ayase hit my chest.

"Idiot idiot idiot!"

She kept pounding on my chest, like she wanted to convey her feelings to my heart.

"Why is it not me! You said you want to marry me! You sexually harassed me so many times!"

"Ayase… listen to me. I…"

"Don't joke around, we did perverted things together!"

"Wait a second, we never did anything perverted!"

In this solemn scene, I couldn't help but criticize her! I criticized her without caring for my life!

But, but that couldn't be help, right? There is no way I could let that slide.

"We did! We clearly did! Don't pretend to be dumb!"

"No we didn't! Definitely not!"

Although I sounded like some terrible guy, I didn't do anything!

Right now, I don't have time to explain! But please believe me!

"I can't believe it… we clearly did…! Did you forget everything already…?"

With anger and tears in her eyes, Ayase's eyes shot at me.

"Back, back then — didn't, didn't didn't didn't didn't you see my breasts!?"

"That is the perverted thing you are talking about?"

The memories that we talked about just now! How confusing!

"That was an accident! The prank of a naughty child!"

"Because it's an accident that perverted act is fine!? Please take responsibility!"

"Can you please stop describing 'seeing your breasts' as something perverted!? What would you do if someone nearby overheard!?"

My reputation around here was already bad enough.

I don't need another 'very perverted incident' right now!

"Shut up shut up shut up! If you don't go out with me I will kill you!"


I raised my voice to interrupt her.

I lowered my voice after that, then I spoke in the most serious tone I could to convey my feelings.

"— No, I can't go out with you. I have already decided."

I'm very happy. Very honored. But my answer won't change.

"… Eh"

Hearing my answer, Ayase was still angry, she snorted 'hmph.'

"I see. To answer like that at this moment, as expected of onii-san."

She already knew my answer, but she still let out her anger and conveyed her true feelings to me.

"You lying onii-san are so cunning. You only speak your true feelings at this time."


"… The first time I met you, I took an interest in you."


"Before that, it seemed like I was mistaken. My favorite Kirino's onii-san seemed very kind… if I married him, Kirino could be my sister… I once had that embarrassing fantasy."

Her cheeks slowly reddeded with each memory.

"My fantasy slowly got stronger and stronger… Then onii-san shattered it many times…Then each time I built a new dream on that new foundation."

Thinking back… after we met each other, a lot had happened.

We didn't have much contact, but my memories with Ayase were carved into my heart.

"Before I knew it, I had fallen in love with you."

Ayase forced herself a smile.



We paused and looked into each other's eyes


"Ah… yes?"

"Can you take responsibility for disturbing my heart?"

Because I couldn't go out with her to take responsibility, in that instant, I didn't understand what she meant.

"Really… onii-san is so dense. Every time we part, isn't there something we always do?"


'Pervert! Die!!!!!'

"Haha, you're right."

"Yes. That's right."

Even without saying, you guys should understand what was going on. I felt both a sense of melancholy and nostalgia.

I straightened my chest and prepared myself.

"Good! Come at me!"

She was going to send my flying again — although I didn't think it would quell her anger —

If this was the past, then tomorrow, we would return back to the way we used to be.

… I felt a little lonely.

"Here I come."

Hey… Ayase… you're taking a running start…?

Ayase quickly stormed toward me…


I closed my eyes and prepared to deal with the violent impact. But in the next moment, I didn't feel pain.


I feel the touch of gentle lips.


I opened my eyes and touched my cheek.

I felt like time had stopped. It was only a few seconds, but I felt like it was an hour.

Finally, Ayase slowly moved her lips away.

Her face red, tears still in her eyes. We looked at other from a close distance.

After giving me a violent good bye, she smiled and said:

"See you later, onii-san. I hate you the most."




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