Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai Volume 09
Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai Light Novel v09 cover
Date of Release September 10, 2011
ISBN Numbers ISBN 4048708139
ISBN 978-4048708135
Number of Pages 281 pages
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Chapter ListEdit

  • Chapter 1: My Sister is a Denpa Onna, a Maiden, and a Holy Angel

(Point of view: Hinata)

Starts of with Tamaki's essay about her sisters, how she loves them the most. Tamaki don't know how to lie, so it is all true, and Hinata is very embarrassed. Hinata thought of showing it to Ruri so that she will writhe in embarrassment. Licking her lips in anticipation.

It Describes Ruri as a pretty girl with snow white skin and black hair. Says that despite how Ruri looks, Ruri is actually mischievous, and someone whom you will feel like bullying.

But sadly, Hinata has not found anyone who she can share that hobby with. Ruri has been engrossed in games, manga, anime and novels since young. Ruri had started writing her own novels and manga a few years back, and even wears a goth loli dress and performs rituals in her own room at night, after some influence from some anime.

Says that Ruri's 'rituals' are gradually increasing in levels, and it is common for her to call an imaginary someone via the phone. Tamaki wrote about Ruri's otaku hobbies, and Hinata worries about her future.

From Tamaki's essay, it seemed like Ruri has a boyfriend. Seems like Ruri has occasionally confined in Tamaki, seeing how Tamaki will not understand anything she had said. Hinata tried confirming by asking Ruri while she is making dinner. Ruri froze, and turned around mechanically. Ruri's face went red, and Hinata found it really cute.

Ruri described the person whom she likes as someone who is "a very...... impressive person", but they are not dating yet. Hinata asked if Ruri has confessed, and Ruri became slightly angry. Hinata tried provoking Ruri, and it worked.

"Even if it is me, there is a guy whom I have...... formed a contract with." "His current name is Kyousuke". "He was the wild beast which had accompanied me back when I was a black beast......"

Hinata thought Ruri's boyfriend is a fake, and she pitied Ruri. She then asked what are the outstanding qualities of Ruri's crush, and Ruri replied with

"...... E-Everything".

"He is a suave, gentle...... and really dependable person." Ruri said that there are a lot of girls who loved Kyousuke, and someone will be hurt if she confessed.

Hinata recalls the pitiful days where Ruri showed off her online 'friends', then thought about how happy Ruri was after she had made a real friend in the form of Kirino (though she had not seen Kirino before).

One day, Hinata saw Ruri going into the room with a suspicious book, and thought it was an ero book. Turns out to be a fashion magazine, which was shocking. Hinata asked why Ruri was looking at the magazine, at which she replied,

"...... My friend is on the cover."

Hinata gave the "Ruri-nee has friends!?", at which Ruri wringed Hinata's face. Ruri said that the bitchiest person on the cover is her friend, who turned out to be the prettiest as well.

Ruri kept calling Kirino a bitch, and Hinata thought that was probably her way of praising Kirino. Ruri's current screensaver on her phone consist of the image of Ruri, Kirino and Saori. It used to be pictures of Hinata and Tamaki. Hinata felt a sense of relief that she is spared of further embarrassment due to the screensaver, but at the same time, she is slightly jealous of Kirino and Saori taking over her place. Hinata said she wished to see Kirino, but Ruri said she will never allow her sisters to see that beast.

A certain day in halfway through the holidays, Ruri returned home with a silly grin, and was laughing to herself. She staggered while walking. Hinata asked about what they are having for dinner, but Ruri was still dressed in her goth loli dress. She was hugging the cushion with her face looking downwards, and was kicking her legs about. Ruri then started to roll about. Hinata was shocked speechless. Ruri did not even notice Hinata's existence. Ruri staggered to the bookshelf, then began to write something on the notebook with a blissful expression. She had even written the name 'Kosaka Ruri', only to strike it off.

From that day onward, Ruri was acting strange. Ruri chased them out of her room when she was getting an important phone-call. Hinata listened on in secret, and it was all lovey-dovey: "That...... there's nothing particular....... did I trouble you? That...... I just want...... to hear your voice, so..."

Hinata felt so sad, she nearly cried. At the very night, Ruri let out a sinister laugh. Her white lolita dress was complete (along with her 'class change'). Hinata barely contained her laughter. Ruri said it was a dress of the holy angel, with the magical powers that can charm all men.

Ruri then asked Hinata and Tamaki what are their favorites out of all the dishes she makes. Hinata asked who Ruri is seeing with the bento of hers, and Ruri replied that she was going on a date. Hinata asked if the person is Kirino, but Ruri denied immediately. Hinata thought it could not possibly be that 'Kosaka Kyousuke', since he an imaginary boyfriend.

Next day, Hinata was shocked at the sight of Ruri, who was wearing a long white dress, with a huge pair of wings and a weird mask. Again, Hinata tried desperately to hold back her laughter. Hinata made Ruri to do something about the huge wings, and Ruri changed to a smaller pair. Hinata thought to herself, that any guy who does not dump Ruri upon seeing her in that attire, can be considered to be a god.

Hinata had felt it was suspicious for Ruri to make them stay out all day, plus the fact that she had cleaned up the whole house. As such, she returned earlier than as instructed. She was surprised that Ruri's boyfriend was real. And he was not as handsome as she had expected.

She liked Kyousuke's tsukomi. Kyousuke looked happy when he heard from Hinata how much Ruri had praised him, and Hinata found him to be slightly disgusting. Ruri came back, and Hinata said they are talking about how much Ruri loved Kyousuke. Ruri's whole body stiffened and trembled like a tuning fork, much to Hinata's delight. Hinata began reciting the embarrassing words Ruri had said.

Hinata ran to Kyousuke's back to hide from Ruri. In her monologue, she addresses Kyousuke as 'future brother-in-law ' said that Ruri is basically clumsy at times like this.

Hinata whispered into Kyousuke's ears that she can give him a kiss if he helps her, which he declined immediately. Ruri said that Kyousuke's soul was about to be hers, and childish seductions will no longer work on Kyousuke. Hinata retorted softly that their cups are of the same size (B). Ruri beat Hinata up.

Kyousuke recalled that Ruri's chest was very big back when she was in her 'kami-neko' mode, at which Ruri froze. Both of them were attacked by Ruri.

Kyousuke going over to Ruri's place became the norm. Hinata finds him to be gentle and kind. He is a nice person to talk to, and a straightforward person. A person who gives of a calming aura. She finds it impressive for the shy Tamaki and Ruri to be able to talk to him normally, and how fast he blended into their family.

He someone who has a characteristics of an 'elder brother', despite not having good looks. It feels lonely when he was not around. Hinata felt that Kyousuke will probably attract various types of girls. If he was her elder brother, she would not let him go as well. She thanked all of Ruri's friends for taking care of Ruri.

She knew about Ruri breaking up with Kyousuke on the night of the fireworks.

Kyousuke praised Ruri's kimono, and Ruri was happy and embarrassed about it. Hinata had wished them all the best when they went for the fireworks. She thought that the two of them were deeply in love with each other, an inseparable pair of lovers. However, Ruri had returned with a crestfallen look.

Hinata peeked into Ruri's room, and saw Ruri crying in darkness, with her kimono on.

After that, Ruri remained moody. Their father brought them to an onsen trip in an attempt to cheer Ruri up.

Ruri walked out in her sports attire. Hinata could not comprehend why Ruri and Kyousuke would break up, since Kyousuke is not the sort of person who will hate Ruri in one night.

Hinata wished that Kyousuke would do something about it, and when she lifted her head up, she saw Kyousuke, with Ruri behind him. Hinata was surprised at why Kyousuke was at that place. Kyousuke replied that he was there to find Ruri. Hinata found him really cool.

Ruri face was probably flushed red as well. Kyousuke said that everything has been settled. Hinata thought that Kyousuke was indeed not a useless person, for him to have solved her troubles in an instant.

She noticed the girl next to Kyousuke, and recognized her to be Kirino and addressed Kirino by 'Bitch-san'.

Kirino forced Ruri to give her a proper introduction. Kirino began to enter her sis-con mode, and tried making Hinata call her 'Kirino-onii-chan.

Hinata was bewildered, and Kirino settled with 'Kirino-onee-chan'. Hinata thought it was disgusting, but was probably her own imagination. Hinata thanked Kirino for being Ruri's friend. Both Kirino and Ruri said some embarrassing stuff about their friendship. Kirino said they will be staying at the hotel as well. Hinata suggested that they go for a bath together. Kirino's sis-con mode deepened when she heard Ruri has another younger sister. Hinata could not understand why Kyousuke and Ruri were sweating cold sweat.

In the onsen, Kirino went 'beast-mode', which scared Tamaki.

  • Chapter 2: Mid-Night Girls' Talk

(Point of view: Kirino)

Starts off by describing herself as a beautiful younger sister who is good at sports and studies.

At the changing room of the onsen, lying down with her arms and legs spread wide. Dizzy from the onsen. Nearly fainted again when she thought back about the 'imouto paradise'.

Kuroneko came and offered her iced green tea. Both her sisters had ran away from Kirino. Kuroneko hoped that Kirino can talked to them sometimes. Kirino went wild and asked if she can sleep together with Hinata.

The Kosaka siblings are living in a different room from the Gokou family, but she felt they should shuffle the people in the rooms, since, "I may be attacked by that sis-con Kyousuke?"

Kuroneko's father had decided on the room allocation, which is... Room 1: Kirino, Kuroneko, Tamaki. Room 2: Kyousuke, Kuroneko's father and mother, Hinata.

Late at night, Kirino wondered out loud countless times if Kyousuke is alright.

Kuroneko asked Kirino not to worry, since she had given her father the 'Genesis-chapter' and 'Phoenix-chapter' of her 'Chronicles of Destiny'. Kirino felt that those will do nothing, and was worried if Kyousuke was being beaten up by Kuroneko's dad. Kirino ranted on how heartless Kuroneko was, to leave them suddenly. Kirino thought about how someone has always been by her side, and yet she did not notice that. Thus, she could not let Kuroneko make the same mistake as her.

Just then, Hinata came bursting into their room, saying, 'Kosaka-kun is really cool!" Hinata was in her pajamas, and was in an excited state. She had originally thought that Kyousuke was so useless he should die, but it turned out that he is way cooler than she had expected.

She was falling for him.

Kirino wanted to know about the conversation between Kyousuke and Kuroneko's dad, but having guessed their conversations already, Kuroneko stopped Hinata from saying it. Hinata revealed that the talks were peaceful, so Kirino do not have to worry. Kirino was more curious as a result. Kuroneko's dad had even invited Kyousuke to the onsen to take a bath together.

Hinata said that since Kuroneko had broken up with Kyousuke, she wants to marry to Kyousuke. If so, she can be real sisters with Kirino.

"Stop talking rubbish, young girl! Do you want to be hungry for the rest of your life!?"

"Haaaaa!? Even if you don't do that, Hina-chan is already my wife! Idiot!"

Hinata shivered in fear, and ran away after apologizing. Kirino said to Kuroneko, that after the incident, she had realized Kuroneko is still not qualified to have a boyfriend. Kuroneko said she had intended to prove Kirino otherwise. Both of them stared at each other in their blankets.

  • Chapter 3: My Little Sister Can Be This Cute

(Point of view: Kouhei)

Starts by talking about how cute his sister is. Says that if it is his friend (Kyousuke), he will probably not be honest, and say things like "I really hate that sister of mine".

Thinks that Sena is the one and only cute sister in the world. The same goes for his relationship with her. He then introduces himself as the world's happiest elder brother of Akagi Sena, and declares her to be his angel. Goes about in detail to talk about Sena's good points. He feels troubled lately: it felt like Sena was looking at him with a hot glance.

Just then, he noticed his sister looking at him through the windows from above, while he was exercising, He waved back. When he returned back inside the house, his sister was still reading a novel, like a literature girl. Sena commented that Kouhei is muscular, and wanted to touch him. Kouhei agreed. Sena asked if the other members in the football club are as muscular as him. Kouhei said there are some differences, and asked if Sena is interested in football club. Sena said she's not good at sports. Kouhei commented that she is aiming to be a game developer.

Sena asked why does he know that. Kouhei said he had accidentally opened the package delivered to Sena before.

Sena went mad, but forgave him quickly. Kouhei could not understand why, but the reason 'my sister does not like it' is good enough for him to not want to repeat his mistake.

Kouhei asked Sena about game research club, which Sena had mistakenly heard as gay research club. Sena started talking about gay and BL stuff, but Kouhei could catch nothing of what she says.

One day, while training his body, he felt a glare from behind his back. Thinking that it was from a thief, he opened his closet, and pounced on what turned out to be Sena.

He was groping her breasts (E cup). Sena slapped him, and he thanked her for that. She finds him disgusting. Kouhei says he will showoff to Kyousuke the next day in school for being slapped by Sena.

Kyousuke should be jealous of him because he has a sister as well. Sena thought they are both mentally ill.

Kouhei began lecturing Sena on how she should not be hiding in his closet to peek at him. Sena decided to confess her reason for doing so, and showed him her drawings of him. She asked if Kouhei is willing to be her model, and he replied yes. Sena thanked him by hugging him, and he went, Yoosha!

Sena showed him the rest of the sketches. They are him being pushed down by a bald gay. All his excitement seconds ago went flying away. Sena began saying how she should have confessed to him earlier, about how she loves gay stuff and BL.

Kouhei said that despite Sena being a huge pervert, his love for Sena will not change. Sena asked if Kouhei will turn gay, and Kouhei rejected immediately. Kouhei said he is not in the homo camp, but the imouto camp.

Kouhei later console Sena by saying he can accept Sena's interests, and is glad he is someone whom Sena can go crazy and rattle uncontrollably, because that shows how much she trust him. Kouhei confirmed that he has no girlfriend, and Sena looked relieved

September, while going back from school. Kouhei said confidently to Kyousuke about how cute Sena is.

Kyousuke had been bullied by the girls from their class for two-timing, and Manami was giving him the cold shoulders as well. As such, he sought comfort from Kouhei by walking back home with him. Kouhei deduced that Kyousuke wanted to listen to the stories of his cute sister, in order to pick himself up.

They started talking about the opposite party being a greater pervert and idiot. Kouhei hit back by saying there must be something wrong with Kyousuke, for dumping his girlfriend because his sister hates it. Kouhei asked Kyousuke to work hard to improve his relationship with Kirino, since they are getting along better.

Kouhei then said he will say more stuff about Sena to cheer Kyousuke up. Kyousuke asked if he wanted to continue on, and Kouhei said, "Of course, since my younger sister is the cutest in this world."

Kyousuke got pissed, and corrected Kouhei by saying that his (Kyousuke's) sister is cuter than Kouhei's sister. The two of them decided to settle things with a fight......

The next day, Kyousuke and Kouhei went for the showdown...... in a parodied Yu-Gi-Oh style, but with the pictures and photos of their younger sisters instead of cards. Their goal is to make the opposite side admit that their own sisters are inferior in terms of cuteness.

Place: classroom.

Kouhei started off with Sena's Shichi-Go-San pictures.

Kyousuke countered with pictures of Kirino on fashion magazines, which proved to be a hard blow for Kouhei. Kouhei struck with a picture of Sena without glasses, followed by activating his trap card, which is a picture of Sena in bikini.

Kyousuke let out a yell, then slipped the photo into his pocket. Kouhei stopped him.

Kyousuke commended on Kouhei for taking Sena's bikini picture in secret. Kouhei said it is about time Kyousuke surrender. Kyousuke laughed it off, and retaliated with a magazine cover of Kirino and Ayase in bikini. Kouhei said that the black haired girl is really cute. Kyousuke commended on Kouhei's good taste, and said that aside from Kirino, Ayase is the cutest beauty in the world.

He then said he wanted to marry Ayase, and Kouhei agreed.

Kouhei asked if Kyousuke can share the magazine, and Kyousuke said that was his treasure, so no. However, Kouhei can order one from Amazon. The both of them temporarily forgot about the duel. Kouhei said that Kyousuke's cheating, since his pictures are from magazines, as compared to Sena's photos. Kyousuke will have to show him a picture of Kirino 'putting on a smile for her elder brother'.

Kouhei proceeded to skip Kyousuke's turns with various pictures. Manami reminded them that their lesson is about to start somewhere else. Kyousuke asked Manami which of them is the winner. Manami said they are both equally disgusting.

Kouhei asked Kyousuke to reconcile with Manami as quickly as possible.

After school, the duel resumes at Kouhei's house. Kouhei replenishes his 'cards' with many more pictures of Sena, and was confident of winning Kyousuke. He asked Kyousuke why didn't he returned back home to replenish his stock, to which Kyousuke replied he had no idea where Kirino hid her pictures.

Kyousuke solved the issue by sending Kirino the following message: "I am competing with a friend on whose sister is the cutest in the world. Mail me some of your cute pictures right now." About a minute later, Kirino replied with: "You are really disgusting, go die", but there was an attached picture as well.

Kouhei urged Kyousuke to enter their house so that the duel can continue, but Kyousuke said it was pointless, since he will win. The picture was a photo of Kirino in uniform, showing a bright smile and putting on a V sign with her hand. Kouhei was impressed, but said he has more pictures.

However, Kyousuke stopped him by saying none of Kouhei's pictures will impress him. Kyousuke said that he was not belittling Sena. Rather, there was a glaring weakness to Kouhei's pictures: none of them had both Kouhei and Sena in it.

Without the pictures of both siblings together, it will fail to show that their sisters are the cutest in the world. Kouhei was in awe of the absolute truth spoken by Kyousuke. He was suspicious if Kyousuke had copied that line somewhere off an imouto eroge.

Kouhei said that Kyousuke is in the same situation as he is, but it turned out that all of that was an elaborate trap set by Kyousuke. Kyousuke showed his ace, by flipping his handphone over and revealing the love love purikura sticker of himself and Kirino.

Kouhei called Kyousuke a bastard, and was deeply envious. He had nothing to counter, and fell to the floor in an orz position. Just when Kyousuke was about to leave after declaring his own victory, Sena stepped in. Turns out she had seen everything, since when they are in their classroom. She was too embarrassed to step in.

Sena asked it Kouhei had lost due to him not having a picture with Sena together. Sena made Kyousuke hold onto a camera, and then she kissed Kouhei on the cheeks, making victory his.

With her face in deep red, she then pulled Kouhei into their house. Kouhei still thinks his sister is the cutest of them all.

Back at Kyousuke's house, Kirino asked if Kyousuke had won. Kyousuke apologized. Kirino wanted to know how he managed to lose, even after she had sent him the picture. Kyousuke showed her the photo of Sena kissing Kouhei. Kyousuke stared at Kirino, and Kirino said, "Wait, stop staring at me! I-I will not do that sort of thing to you!"

  • Chapter 4: Chameleon Daughter

(Point of view: Saori)

Starts off by introducing herself. Will be talking about her past, a story of her hateful sister. Says that someone as tall as her will never be moe, even if she puts on a shy face.

Four years ago. 159.8cm, D cup, hair same as current style, 12 years old. Used to have a complex on how huge and well developed she is. She gave up when she hit past the 180cm barrier. Remembered Kirino laughing at her in secret when they first met. She said her girlish side was hurt. Says she's those type who will bear grudges.

She used to be bad with people, without many friends. Always takes leave due to her weak body and frail soul.

One day, Kaori came to her room all of the sudden, and asked Saori to play with her, 4am in the morning. Saori had not seen Kaori for months.

Kaori had entered in through the balcony. Saori's room is at the third story. Saori described Kaori as 'Kuroneko's body with Kirino's soul'.

To Saori, Kaori is full of herself and unreasonable. She is someone with the capability that 'allows her to enjoy all sorts of activities'. Kaori had done many sports. Using the family's wealth, Kaori had traveled all over the place to enjoy herself, and as such, Saori had rarely seen her.

After Saori had changed out of her pajamas into a dress, Kaori put Saori onto her shoulders, and slipped down from the balcony via a rope. Saori let out a huge scream.

They went to a place faraway via a bike. Seemed like Kaori disliked Saori putting on a sad expression recently.

They went to a white apartment that their dad gave to Kaori.

Kaori had done sports aggressively so that she can prime her body for the indoor hobbies later. Kaori said she will play with Saori from then on. Saori got a little angry upon hearing that., but she was still happy.

Kaori pulled out a fake AK47 from the bike. Kaori pointed it to a male friend of hers, which scared him. Kaori calls the guy the 'Prince of Darkness'. If Saori is to describe the guy with someone who she is familiar with currently, the 'Prince of Darkness' is too similar to 'him'.

Saori went all flustered when Kaori introduces her to the guy due to her shy personality. Saori felt like dying when her face was seen by a guy. Guy's name is Sanada Shinya. Kaori introduced Saori to the 'Pretty Garden', the name of their club, where friends of otaku hobbies gather.

That marks the first day where Saori was introduced to the otaku culture. Saw a strange otaku with a handkerchief on his/her head, wearing a pair of swirly glasses, with a red checkered shirt tucked into the trousers. The otaku sounds weird, but it sounded gentle to Saori.

The otaku puts on various personalities and modes when she is drawing manga, but Saori had decided to call her Kurusu (original name) in the end. Kurusu aspires to be a mangaka. Kurusu's drawing style will change depending on the mode she is in, just like a chameleon.

Saori, being extremely good at deducing human relationships, realize that Sanada and Kurusu are lovers, childhood friends, and classmates.

Saori disliked her ability.

Saori felt uncomfortable being with them due to her shyness. She peeked through her fingers to see them enjoying their time, just like what she does back at school. The person who treats Saori kindly was Kurusu.

Saori felt that she was left on her own after Kaori got her into the 'Pretty Garden', which consist of roughly ten members.

The group was talking about something when Saori suddenly interrupted them, which was the first time it had happened. Kurusu asked her gently to speak out. Saori offered to make tea for the group.

To Saori, Kurusu was a teacher to her in many ways.

Kurusu showed her potential debut work, which has the main character that looks like Sanada. The group teases Sanada, and Saori was envious of them. Soon, Saori had gotten into almost all otaku hobbies due to Kurusu. Saori had a lot of fun times with Kurusu, and it was all thanks to Kaori.

One day, Kaori left for overseas after getting married.

Kaori never went back to the apartment.

Slowly, the rest of the members left as well. Saori went overseas to find Kaori. In anger, she said that due to Kaori leaving, the club had disintegrated.

Kaori retorted,

"That can't be helped, since that is the club which I build. You are not doing anything special there anyway. To the members of the club, your existence is just 'a younger sister of a friend'.

Saori was speechless due to how accurate her sister's words are.

Back at the apartment, she yelled that she will strike back. Kurusu commended on her will. Since she is stepping on the path of a professional mangaka, she will not be coming back either. She was just there to return the keys.

After giving Saori words of encouragement, she passed Saori the swirly glasses. Saying that it is a pair of magical glasses that can change one's destiny, she cautioned Saori to use it wisely.

September, after the drama of Kuroneko moving away, Saori at a cafe there reprimanding them.

Seemed like she knew nothing of Kyousuke going out with Kuroneko, and the whole drama that happened later, until it was all over.

She knew they were worried that she will be overly worried, but she was still angry. Kyousuke, Kirino and Kuroneko apologized.

Despite admitting in the monologue that she is mentally fragile, she still wished that the three of them can depend on her more. She then admitted to them that they are right in their judgement, and she would probably collapse if she came to know about it.

She continued to go mad for a while, then asked why wasn't she in the picture of the ideal world which Kuroneko had drawn. She gave a pitiful smile, and said if she was someone who is not needed.

Turns out that in order to avoid drawing her otaku looks, Kuroneko had drawn her as the black cat at the bottom of the table. She was spiritually there all along.

Saori was unhappy with that.

Kuroneko laughed and drew a @w@ face on the cat. Saori grabbed Kuroneko by her shoulders and started shaking her.

Kyousuke and Kirino laughed at the scene. They are finding it funny for Saori to show a rare angry side of herself.

Just then, she heard Kaori's voice. The other three are shocked to see Kaori for the first time. Kaori had brought along the rest of the 'Pretty Garden' members over as well. Seemed like it was a coincidence that they met.

Saori asked why the members were all there, and Kaori replied that they had come after she ordered them to, since she was the leader of the club. Saori retaliated by saying that she was meeting her group of online friends as well, but she had no intention of introducing them to Kaori. However, it seemed like the three knew some of the members from 'Pretty Garden', due to them frequenting Akihabara.

Kurusu no longer looked like how she dressed in the past, except for the fact that her clothes were still red. Kurusu asked Saori if she had accomplished what she had aimed for back then. Saori said she is still quite far from Kaori, but with her important companions, she can achieve them someday.

Her proof, was that their group had got back together time and time again despite facing many crisis. Though she did not tell Kurusu that. Kurusu asked if Saori was no longer wearing the glasses. Saori said it was an coincidence that she was not wearing them there.

Kurusu told Saori to hand it to someone else when she was done with it. Saori then left the place, and joined the trio, with the glasses back on her face.

  • Chapter 5: Charge Otome Road

(Point of View - Kirino)

Introduces herself as the extremely cute younger sister of an extremely sis-con elder brother.

Kirino was at Ikebukuru with Sena, which according to Sena, is the paradise for girls.

Kirino was slightly envious of Sena's boobs. Kirino was not too interested in BL stuff, and she had only played a light BL eroge before, due to the isleading title, Kichiku Aniki (鬼畜兄貴).

Sena called Kirino her best friend upon hearing that at school, and thus brought Kirino to Ikebukuru.

Sena and Kirino started talking about BL stuff in anime and manga. Sena soon entered her machine-gun mode. They bought some entry level BL materials for Kirino to work on. Kirino asked if Sena buys her own BL materials. Sena said she made her brother buy most of her stuff.

Kirino felt a little weird, but Sena said it is similar as to how Kirino gets Kyousuke to buy eroges for her. Kirino asked if Sena's brother is gay, and Sena replied with a proud yes, without hesitation. Kirino mentioned that Kouhei shares a good relationship with Kyousuke. Sena said the two of them are probably dating.

Kirino slammed the table in shock. Sena sounded absolutely certain, resulting in Kirino doubting Kyousuke a little.

Sena said that Kyousuke is a uke type. Kirino could not understand the things that Sena said following that, about how Kyousuke is someone who needs to wear nekomimi and so on. Kirino felt that it is necessary to ask Kyousuke if he is really dating with Kouhei, just to be sure.

Kirino suggested that they talked about something else, but Sena gave a look of 'what else can you talk about in Ikebukuru?'. Kirino asked if Sena had someone she liked. Sena responded with an even bigger reaction then when Kirino first talked about Kichiku Aniki.

Sena began to talk about how her relationship with Kouhei quite bad recently, after the kissing incident. Kirino spitted her drink upon hearing that. Sena stressed that it was just on the cheeks. Kirino remembered the photograph Kyousuke showed her, and how envious Kyousuke looked back then.

Kirino felt it was disgusting, but Sena said that Kirino had done things like taking a love-love purikura photo. Kirino said it was ancient history and Sena should forget all about it, at which Sena questioned Kirino why she still had the sticker stuck on her handphone.

"Th-This is so that I can remind myself that he is a disgusting sis-con. But for Sena-chii, since you are the one who kisses your brother on your own accord, Sena-chii's the disgusing one. OK?"

Sena said Kirino is not qualified to call her disgusting. And also, Kyousuke is nothing compared to Kouhei if they are talking about their sister-complex. Kirino said that Kyousuke has a much deeper sister-complex than Kouhei does.

And that marked the start of the competition: whose elder brother has a bigger sister-complex.

Sena said that Kouhei loves her so much, he is willing to buy BL games for her by joining the queues in the middle of the night. Kirino said Kyousuke did the same for her eroges, but not only that, due to him missing the last train and not wanting Kirino to wait till the morning, he had cycled from Akihabara to back to Chiha on a borrowed bicycle.

Sena said that Kouhei is preparing to buy a sex-doll that looked like herself, from an adult store in Akihabara.

Kirino was made speechless. Sena puffed her chest in pride, and said that Kouhei has a bigger sister-complex.

Kirino shouted that it has nothing to do with sis-con, since it was plain perverseness. Sena said that Kyousuke's brother is a pervert too, and he had always wanted to touch Sena's breasts each time they met.

Kirino called it a lie, but Sena said it's the truth, and Kyousuke had said things like, "I'll grope your breasts, you sow".

Kirino thought to herself that she will kill Kyousuke if that is true. Sena thought she had the upper hand, and ended with a killing blow by saying that Kyousuke has fallen for many girls, but Kouhei is loyal only to Sena.

Kirino said that according to her information, Kouhei had said before that he wants to marry Ayase. Sena was shocked, and asked who Ayase is. Kirino let out a snicker that Kouhei is not as loyal as Sena thought.

Kirino followed up by saying that Kyousuke had broke up with his girlfriend (Kuroneko) because she disliked it. Sena could not believe it, but Kirino continued by saying that she was attacked by Kyousuke late at night just not long ago.

She finished off by saying that back when she was at America, Kyousuke had specially flown to her side, and said, "If you are not around me, I will die" while crying. Sena was silent for a few seconds, then she shouted to Kirino that she will go home to tell Kouhei about it.mKirino was worried that Sena will do stuff that are even more daring, and began to imagine H-scenes at Akagi house.

Few days later, they were chatting over Skype. The first thing that Sena said was to ask if Kirino had a pixiv account.

It seemed like Sena had talked to a pixiv artist about quite a lot of things, and the artist had helped her quite a lot as well. She provided Kirino with a link. It was a BL drawing.

Kirino could recognize that the uke is Kyousuke.

Sena asked if Kirino could really not recognize who the other person is. Kirino said she couldn't recognize who the other handsome guy is, and she thought Sena had always paired Kouhei with Kyousuke together.

Sena said she had thought of an even better combination than AkaKyou. Sena replied that he is "Kirino-kun". Kirino-kun is an otaku younger brother, who has good looks, and excels in his studies and in sports. However, due to his younger-brother-complex, he was engrossed in BL games. With the life counseling as an excuse, Kirno-kun did H stuff to his elder brother.

"What do you mean by 'did'! W-Why did things turn out to be like this!"

Sena said it was a stroke of inspiration she got when she was talking about her own romance stories a few days back.

Kirino asked the Sena to remove it immediately. Sena said it was impossible, since the drawing was done by a talented artist. The picture should have spread throughout the net by now.

Kirino closed skype in a fury, and was breathing heavily due to her anger. She thought to herself that she should forget everything about it. She then took a loooooong hard look at the picture, titled "The Scene of Kirino-kun Assaulting Kyousuke".

  • Chapter 6: Failed Dark Angel

(Point of View: Ayase)

Introduces herself as Kirino's classmate and good friend, and a student model.

Was in her room talking to Kanako over the phone. Kanako was asking Ayase to get the manager back (Kyousuke) then to help her out in the next event. Ayase said that the manager was already fired from the agency due to him sexually harassing Kanako the previous time.

Kanako said she did not really mind, and that manager was better than her current one. Seemed like Kanako was quite pleased with the facade that Kyousuke had put up. She thought to herself, 'That damned pervert...... What did he do to Kanako?'

Kanako suggested that Ayase get the manager over in private so that Kanako can make friends with him. Ayase wondered why Kanako wanted to meet the manager that much. Kanako said it was nothing like that - the manager was Kanako's first fan ever. She then laughed shyly. Ayase said she will try.

In the monologue, Ayase said that she was still in an argument with Onii-san. Or rather, it was a one-sided affair, since she was the one who blocked off all communication with him. She could not possibly ask for favors from him. Not to mention, she was still angry at him. She laid on her bed and sighed.

Manami called. Ayase seiza on her bed immediately. For some unknown reasons, she will become upright upon hearing Manami's voice, and holds a lot of respect for Manami. Manami talked about how Ayase was still quarreling with Kyousuke. Ayase's tone dropped to below freezing point, and said,

"—— Onee-san............ How should we dispose him? That............ two-timer."

She thought that Manami was trying to come up with a plan to remove Kyousuke from existence. Manami told Ayase gently not to come up with such dangerous jokes. Ayase thought to herself that her evil thoughts will disappear each time she hears Manami's gentle voice. Manami's reason for calling Ayase was to tell her than Kyousuke had broke up his girlfriend.

Ayase was shocked.

Ayase hurriedly called Kyousuke after she was done with Manami. She was waiting impatiently for Kyousuke to pick up the phone, as he would have normally done so within a second. ust when she was thinking if Kyousuke was taking a shower, Kyousuke picked up.

Kyousuke asked Ayase the reason for her calling him. Ayase asked if she needs any reason to call him. Kyousuke said no, but he thought Ayase was still angry with him.

Ayase thought to herself, that Kyousuke was a little cold. Her heart hurts a little. Ayase admitted in the monologue that up till Manami had told her the news, she would hesitate to even make a call to Kyousuke. If it was the normal Kyousuke, he would have sexually harassed her upon hearing her voice.

Ayase asked if Kyousuke will sexually harass her all of the sudden. Kyousuke replied he had assured Ayase before, that he will never do it again. After so many things that had happened, Kyousuke thought it is about time that he be more serious. Ayase tried to put on her most intimate voice, and asked if Kyousuke had broke up with his girlfriend.

Kyousuke asked her not to be happy about it, and Ayase denied. Kyousuke said she sounded happy via the phone. Ayase felt that it was her fault, for Kyousuke to be that upset.

She asked if the reason for Kyousuke to break up with his girlfriend, was due to her, since she had said things like "you are a liar" and "you had actually said you want to marry me" to Kyousuke back then. Despite her asking repeatedly, Kyousuke denied it in a very natural tone.

Ayase's eyes burned in a dark flame, and her hand phone started to crack from her grip. Ayase then threw a tantrum and told Kyousuke to go to Kanako's next performance. Kyousuke asked her what sort of unreasonable discussion was that. "How irritating! Are you going to listen to my request!? Or not!?" Kyousuke kind of agreed. She hung up the phone, and called herself an idiot for making things turn out like this.

On the day of the performance, Kyousuke came in a suit. Ayase pouted and said that she had not expected him to be there, after she had made that unreasonable request. Kyousuke said he would not give up that opportunity to reconcile with her, and apologized for not being truthful to her. He said that any girl would get angry after he had said things like "I like you the most" and "please marry me", only to go on to date another girl.

Just when Ayase was thinking to herself that Kyousuke does indeed have feelings for her, Kyousuke added on that it was all a joke, and he was sorry. Ayase's veins on her temples thickened. She thought to herself that she will kill him. However, she was still surprised that Kyousuke was reflecting on it, and was apologizing to her.

She said she knew that all the things Kyousuke had said was him joking, but she could not understand why she was angry about that. She agreed to make up with him, and upon hearing his bright voice, she could not bring herself to change her mind.

It seemed like Kyousuke had not, and would not do any ecchi stuff to her, but she was sure that he will should she be careless.

Kanako will be performing at Zepp Tokyo. In the waiting room, was Kanako in Black Magical Girl Meruru cosplay, while at her side was Bridget. Kanako high-fived Kyousuke, and called him sexual-harassment manager.

Kyousuke asked her where did that come from, and Kanako pointed to Ayase. Ayase whispered that she could not come up with a better excuse. Bridget seemed to be afraid of Kyousuke. Kyousuke said that was due to Ayase giving him the image of a sexual harasser. Ayase ignored Kyousuke's stare. Bridget said she was not afraid of him. She probably had mistaken something.

Ayase asked in horror if Kyousuke had made his moves on Bridget, and Kyousuke denied immediately. Kyousuke thanked Kanako for obtaining two tickets for him. Kanako said embarrassed that it was because he was her first ever fan. From their interaction, Ayase thought Kanako and Kyousuke looked like siblings. She was reminded of the first day when she met Kyousuke, and back then she had full admiration of the kind-looking brother.

Kanako asked Kyousuke for his name, and Kyousuke told her to call him by 'Kyousuke'. Ayase was slightly worried, but thought to herself that Kanako is too stupid to realize that Kyousuke is Kirino's brother. Meanwhile, Bridget had been staring at Kyousuke. Ayase asked what event was going on today, and the rest of the three gave her shocked looks.

It was Meru-Carnival, a carnival for meruru related events. Bridget was slightly angry. Kyousuke gave Ayase looks of fear when he heard Bridget addressing Ayase as 'Ayase-sama'. Ayase said it was just because Bridget had accidentally seen the scene of Ayase punishing Kanako. Ayase then tried to ask Bridget something, but Bridget jumped in shock. Kanako and Kyousuke asked Ayase to stop bullying Bridget. Ayase was hurt that she was treated that way, when all she did was to talk to Bridget gently.

ClariS will be appearing in the event as well, and that will be the first time they are revealing their true looks to the public.

Kanako said she sings better than ClariS, but Bridget, being a huge ClariS fan, asked her not to say bad things about them.

Two young girls about the same age as Ayase in white performance dresses appeared at the waiting room. They are Alice and Clara. Both of them are Kanako's fan, after seeing her performance at the cosplay event. Kanako became happy upon hearing that, and ordered Kyousuke to serve tea. Kyousuke obliged.

Somehow, Bridget appeared very nervous towards the two girls. Kanako was somehow kind of smitten at Kyousuke treating her like an ojou-sama. Ayase thought to herself that Kanako was being stupid for not realizing it was all an act.

Ayase couldn't help but comment that Kyousuke was surprising adept at being a slave. Kyousuke retorted that he would not be happy even if she says that. Ayase thought to herself that Kyousuke looked surprisingly cool when he was acting like a seasoned butler next to Kanako.

Alice and Clara talked about Kanako's singing and how impressed they were. Kanako said that ClariS' singing is nothing compared to hers. Bridget shouted Kanako's name, and put on an expression like she was about to cry. Kanako said more things about ClariS. She said that even if she is to lose them now, someday, she will overtake them. Alice and Clara both said "Right!" upon hearing that.

What followed after, was Alice being an attentive audience at Kanako's speech, while Clara and Bridget seemed to share similar interest in anime.

Ayase wondered why Bridget was looking that tensed. Kyousuke replied that it was probably because the two girls are ClariS. Thinking back on how rude Kanako was earlier, and how ClariS were not concerned by it at all, Ayase thought to herself that she will need to discipline Kanako later.

Ayase said out loud that Kyousuke was somehow different that day. In actual fact, she tried many times to get her face close to Kyousuke, or to show him a gentle smile (all so that she can confirm that Kyousuke will not do any ecchi things to her, and she had no other intentions...... or so she claimed in the monologue), but they were all ineffective.

She was happy that Kyousuke will no longer harass her sexually, but at the same time, she felt slightly frustrated.

'I-It's not like I am hoping that he will do H things to me, you know? It's just, it will make me look like I have no charm in me.'

Just then, Kanako asked Kyousuke to serve her more tea. Bridget said that she had already done brewing them. Suddenly, Kyousuke did something strange. Ayase saw him diving into ClariS' skirts, head first.

Alice kneed Kyousuke's face repeatedly, while Alice pressed onto her skirt tightly with her face flushed red. Someone (Kanako?) asked Ayase to finish him off. Ayase thought to herself that she needs no reminding, and gave him a roundhouse kick.

Turned out that Bridget was about to spill the tea onto ClariS after she had fall, and Kyousuke dived between them to prevent the scalding tea from spilling on them.

Kyousuke was knocked out cold.

Alice and Clara forgave him. Ayase gave a slight smile, and said while looking at the far distance,

"...... I've believed in Onii-san, that Onii-san will never do that sort of things."

Kanako gave a stiff smile, and said that it was as expected of Ayase to say that, despite her delivering the final blow to the innocent Kyousuke.

ClariS went back to their room, but praised Kyousuke for being an excellent manager. Kyousuke woke up, and Ayase showed him some concern.

Kyousuke received a message on his phone. After reading it, he stood up from the sofa despite being in pain. Kyousuke said he has some urgent matters, but he will be back soon. Ayase tried to ask him to rest for a while, but realized it will be useless.

After tidying his suit, he dashed out of the room, with a vigor that does not looked like he had suffered from a roundhouse kick that KOed him. Ayase wondered what sort of urgent matter it was.

"—See you later, Onii-san."

  • Chapter 7: Little Sister's Wedding Dress

(Point of view: Kirino)

Kirino was wearing a special dress while working at a photo shoot.

The job was recommended to her by Misaki. She was in doubt as to whether she wants to accept the job, but she did so in the end.

She felt it was a good chance for her to determine her path for the future, and also, she was interested in the contents of the job. However, that has resulted in her not being able to attend a concert that she had been eagerly awaiting for. The job way exceeded past the scheduled 2:00pm. It was already 6pm, and the concert should have started.

After sending the message, she gave a sigh. Despite her being extremely disappointed that she will be missing the concert, she tried her best to suppress her feelings, in order to continue her work.

Not long after, she was done with the work. She was chatting with her fellow colleagues. Her fellow model said that Kirino's dress was very cute, and she wished she could wear it too. Her colleagues invite her to a celebration party. Kirino could not decide whether to join them, or to try to go to the concert, which she was already late for.Just then, she heard a yell.

Someone was cycling towards their direction. It was a guy in suit, panting heavily.

There was a huge bruise on his face, and his suit was covered with branches, dirt and leaves. He seemed extremely tired. The bicycle was a bicycle with auxiliary wheels, but was adult sized. There's a basket in front, seat at the back, and a horn that replaces a bell. The wheels had pictures of Meruru and Arefa in their transforming sequence (read: nearly naked). In sort, an extremely perverted and embarrassing bicycle.

Despite liking Meruru, Kirino felt it was something that is way beyond her acceptance. Kirino broke out in cold sweat. Her colleagues asked if she was uncomfortable looking at a pervert. Just when the guy was about to be dragged away by security, Kirino told her colleagues that the guy is her brother. Kirino was about to reprimand Kyousuke when Kyousuke interrupted her.

He was stunned upon seeing the dress Kirino was wearing. His jaws were wide open, and after a few seconds, his face went red in an instant. Kirino dragged the dazed Kyousuke to a corner.

She was wearing a pure white wedding dress. She went on to ask Kyousuke why he was there, what's with his suit, and what's with the crazy bicycle.

Kyousuke felt that it would be faster to cycle there then by car, and he borrowed the bicycle from Mikagami, who he had met by coincidence. He had felt really embarrassed to be cycling that as well. Kyousuke then said he was there to pick Kirino up, since she had been anticipating the concert for quite a while.

Kyousuke was the one who invited Kirino to the concert.

'I have to go to the concert with him? Please spare me. It's just because that person wants to go with me no matter what, together with the fact that I have some interest in it, and also the fact that I had thought the photo shoot will end at 2 - I had agreed specially only due to those reasons.'

Kyousuke asked Kirino to change, so that they can head over to the concert in the bicycle. Kirino asked if Kyousuke had intended for her to take the backseat. Kyousuke said yes in a serious manner. Kirino wondered if Kyousuke had been immune to the looks of the society, due to the various traumas that he had suffered. Just when Kirino was saying it will take her a long time to change out of the wedding dress, Misaki came and suggested her to go in that attire.

Kirino thought she was joking, but apparently Misaki was serious. She worried for the sanity of the duo. Kirino said she can't sit on the bicycle with the puffy dress. Misaki tore off the bottom of the wedding dress, and said problem solved. With the long skirt torn off, a mini-skirt beneath was revealed. Kirino felt her current attire looked like the dress of a princess. Misaki said it will be a good publicity for them.

Kirino retorted that what she said has got to be a lie.

Kyousuke and Kirino headed off to the concert. Kyousuke asked Kirino to grab on to him tightly as they will be going down slope.

"H-Haa? I-If I do that, then won't my breast be touching your back!? You pervert! Sis-con!"

Kirino hit Kyousuke's back repeatedly.

"Y-You...... kya! G-Geez!"

'Stop wobbling about! I am left with no choice but to hold on to you tightly!'

Kirino asked Kyousuke to watch out when the return home. Kyousuke said that she was being unreasonable.Kirino said he was doing perverted things to his sister, because he had played too much sis-con eroge. Kyousuke retorted it was Kirino's fault that he was playing eroge in the first place. Also, intimate body contact between them should not be considered pervert, since they are siblings.

Kirino said that recently, Kyousuke had been using the excuse 'because we are siblings' to sexually harass her. Kyousuke said she was thinking too much, and such words are not to be said to Ayase. The sun was setting as they were squabbling. Due to the heavy traffic, the bicycle proved to be a wise choice. However, they had attracted attention from passerby due to the bicycle and their attire.

Kirino remembered Kyousuke had done something similar when he had bought for her the eroge late at night, and apologized to him in her heart. Kirino wanted to catch the new OP of Meruru sung by ClariS. Kirino thought of the possible pains Kyousuke could have went through just so that she can watch the concert.

"...... How disgusting, how much of a sis-con are you?"Kirino thought of the countless times their had such similar conversations.

'In order not to let myself fall off the bicycle, I increased the strength in my arms, and pressed my forehead against his back.'

The elder brother was wearing a suit soaked with sweat, while the younger sister was wearing a wedding dress that had its bottom torn off.''Traveling on an extremely embarrassing bicycle.'Kirino said that they are probably the only siblings to be doing things like that.

And that probably is their very own style.

The bicycle stopped at the gate of the concert venue. Kyousuke urged Kirino to hurry, and grabbed onto her hands. The both of them ran, and Kirino could feel the stares of the people around them. The two of them squabbled a little, but it seemed like they had barely made it.

"I say."




What exactly are you trying to say? Kyousuke smiled wryly.

Sigh, it seemed like my words were drowned by the noise from the crowd.

Even though I can just repeat it once again, but for me, conveying my feelings via words is a very difficult challenge for me. And those words are not something that I can repeat.

So at the very least.

"Hmph, nothing!"

I grabbed his hands tightly.

And hope that that I will not ever let him pass by me again.

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