Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai Volume 07
Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai Light Novel v07 cover
Date of Release November 10, 2010
ISBN Numbers ISBN 978-4-04-870052-8
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Summary Edit

Chapter 1Edit

“Sorry for making you wait” says Kyousuke’s girlfriend. Kousaka Kirino.

“Let’s go!” replies Kyousuke “You look good in those clothes”

“Really? Thanks! You also look cool… I’ll call you Kyousuke. That’s what lovers do” suggests Kirino, blushing. “So Kyo… Kyousuke, where are we going?”

To understand what’s going on we need to go back in time.

“Be my boyfriend” those were Kirino’s words. Kyousuke heard them, unable to reply. This is bad. Really bad.

“Don’t you want to?”

“Not that, I mean… Kirino… I’m your brother? or… do you actually… love me?”

Kirino gets as red as a beetroot. “Of course not! How would I… how would I… love you!!”

It turns out she wants him to pretend he’s her boyfriend.

“Pretend! You should have said so from the beginning. Don’t say something so ambiguous!”

She slaps him.

“You only got it wrong because you are a siscon!”

Damn! I don’t want to remember that, it makes me feel like killing myself!

Some time later, they meet one Fujima Misaki, the director of a modeling agency who wants to give Kirino an exclusive contract, which means going to Europe. For some reason, this woman reminds Kyousuke of Feito (the woman who stole Kirino’s novel in volume 3) Of course, Kirino needs an excuse and told her she has a boyfriend so she can’t leave. Kyousuke remembers what Kirino told Ria: her place is Japan. Also, it might be difficult for her to get their father’s permission after just running away from the US.

“I’m Akagi Kyousuke, pleased to meet you”

“Pleased to meet you. Kyousuke-kun, break up with Kirino, will you?”


“I’ll give you money. 500,000 yen” [6000 dollars]


Without Misaki noticing, Kirino hits him with her elbow.

“Sorry, I mean, this is not a matter of money. I love Kirino!” after hearing this, Kirino stamps on his foot, and he notices she’s blushing. To prove his point. Kyousuke places his arm around her shoulder. She mutters “sick!”

Misaki says she won’t give up. She changes the subject and very suspiciously asks Kirino to attend a fashion show she’s organizing the following day. If she sees any dress she likes, she will give it to her as a present. Kirino looks very enthusiastic, but of course Kyousuke has seen through her and butts in.

“Sorry, tomorrow is a little… we’re going on a date, you know”

Kirino looks at him as if saying “what the hell are you saying” but she finally realizes his intentions.

“Oh, yes, of course my honey"

That evening, Kyousuke is lying on the floor while Kirino is stepping on his knee.

“So you took the chance to sexually harass your little sister! Putting your arm around her shoulder in a public place! Did you really become a pervert while I was away?”

That evening, Kirino gets a call from a co-worker: apparently Misaki wants to trail Kirino and Kyousuke during their date tomorrow, even ditching the fashion show. This means they do have to pretend they are lovers once again, but at least they know she will be following them.

Now in the present, they meet in a park and Kirino tells Kyousuke to choose where to go. He doesn’t really know where to go.

“Well, it’s very typical, but what about a movie?”

She stamps on his foot. “That’s a line from an eroge you just played the other day!!!” However, she says so while they are walking arm in arm, so if Misaki is watching, they do look like lovers. And by the way, Kirino accepts the offer. But suddenly they bump into Manami.

“Kyou-chan, Kirino-chan?”

This is bad! Kyousuke tries to explain it.

“Manami, this is…”

“Let’s go, Kyousuke” says Kirino and they leave. “You’ll explain it to her later, Misaki may be watching us”

After a while, Kirino suddenly laughs.

“Did you see her face?”

“Don’t laugh at my osananajimi!”

“I wonder if she saw us as lovers” says she, giggling.

“What do you mean?!”

“Who knows…”

Kirino wants to watch a romance movie, but Kyousuke can’t stand the idea of watching such a movie with his little sister and suggests watching an anime movie, “Little Sisters”. After the movie, Kirino is really enthusiastic about the super-cute lolis in the movie, but Kyousuke tells her to shut up, as Misaki may be trailing them (although they haven’t spotted her so far)

They are hungry now, and Kirino decides to go to a cake store, which she often visits with Ayase. There is actually a special menu for lovers, including two drinking straws. Kirino is looking at it, and Kyousuke says there’s no way they are going to order that. Kirino replies that Misaki may be watching. However, Kyousuke won’t give in. After all, even if she was his real girlfriend he wouldn’t do something so embarrassing. Kirino finally gives in.


This is bad!! None other than Kirino’s friend Kanako is suddenly there. And she must have seen his face when she came over… although fortunately, it looks like she has totally forgotten about Kyousuke. In fact she never even realized that he was her “manager” when she cosplayed as Meruru.

“Kirino! So you really had a boyfriend! But don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone!”

“What are you doing here?” asks Kirino.


They notice that indeed she’s with her prey… none other than Bridget, the British loli they met during the Meruru cosplay event. Of course, Kanako hasn’t become a voracious lolicon, at least not yet. She was trying to pick boys up when she met Bridget. Kirino almost goes crazy when she sees the cute Bridget (she even got a DVD of the event). Of course, they wonder if she’s met Bridget before and Kirino has to say that Ayase (who works for the same company) showed her pictures of the event. Anyway, Bridget wants to go to Animate but Kanako refuses. Why should she look after a kid? Bridget starts crying.


Everyone freezes, looking at Kirino. Kanako wonders why she’s getting mad at her, if she’s just met Bridget.

“It’s just… you shouldn’t bully little girls! Next time I’ll tell Ayase”

“No, anything but that!”

“Bridget-chan” adds Kirino “next time I’ll take you to Animate”

“Kirino, don’t push yourself. After all you don’t like that disgusting otaku crap”

“Oh, of course not, ha ha ha”

“That’s not disgusting crap!” cries Bridget

After cooling down, Bridget asks Kirino and Kyousuke if they are really lovers, and of course they say they are.

“It’s just… I like this stuff about love… it’s just, I’ve never experienced it” Even if several boys have confessed to her, she has never really experienced love. “So please, oneechan, tell me about it!” Bridget is really cute when blushing, and Kirino is drooling.

“You can ask me anything!!” says an enthusiastic Kirino.

Kanako however has other question… “Kirino, how can you like a plain boy like him?” Waa, what’s this, all of a sudden.

“Well, he’s gentle… and very dependable” and she whispers to Kyousuke that it’s only an act “And he loves me a lot”

“And what do you like about her” says Kanako looking at Kyousuke.

“Ahm… her face?”

“What?” Kirino is angry “Only that? Not that I have a cute personality, that you admire the way I think, that I’m considerate to others?”

“Well…” says Kyousuke after a few seconds “I like that you are passionate about what you like. And thanks to you, I’m having a lot of fun in life” In fact, he got new friends thanks to Kirino, and also their own relationship improved a lot. Still, Kanako mutters that they don’t look like lovers before leaving.

Now Kirino is really angry after what Kyousuke said, and she won’t even walk arm in arm with him, even if Misaki may be trailing them. They decide to go to a game center. Hopefully they can play some game without having to speak much, since Kirino is really pissed off. He can’t understand women.

Kirino often goes there, with both her “normal” and her “otaku” friends. And in fact, she sees some classmates of her on one of the floors, so they go to another, where there’s a photo booth… for couples. And Kirino insists on going into it. And to Kyousuke’s surprise and horror, she chooses a heart-shaped frame for the picture. If this picture was seen by someone, they’d be in deep shit.

“If we’re pretending to be lovers, we have to do it right” says Kirino, grabbing his arm.

Just as they are going out, they meet… Kuroneko, who becomes absolutely petrified.

“That’s the couple booth… what the hell are you doing?” She even drops a coin she had in her hand. She’s totally confused.

“No, this is a misunderstanding…” Kyousuke tries to explain the situation to her. “We’ll explain it to her later, Misaki may be watching” Kirino whispers to him. “You say that, but I don’t see her here” “You have no power of attention”

However, Kirino looks totally amused, she’s actually grinning. What a sadist!

“What’s going on here?” stutters Kuroneko.

“Kyousuke. Should we tell her about our relationship?”

“No, you better not…” says Kuroneko.

“We’re on a date! Let’s go, Kyousuke ♡”

After leaving, Kyousuke suddenly starts laughing.

“Well, after all there’s not much difference between you being my little sister, and my girlfriend”

Wow, what the hell did just I say????

“You’re disgusting; you’ve been playing too many eroge”

At home that evening, Kirino gets a call from Misaki letting her know she’s giving up on her. Kirino suddenly reproaches Kyousuke for trying to molest her during the date, using eroge lines, and even telling her to shut up when she was talking about the movie. Kyousuke also gets angry, after all she asked him to pretend they were lovers.

“So if you have any complaints go and tell your boyfriend!”

“You were my boyfriend today!”

“I will never pretend to be your boyfriend ever again!”

She hits him.

“Idiot. I shouldn’t have asked you to do it. Next time, I will rely on my real boyfriend” she cries and leaves.

“….. real boyfriend?”

Chapter 2Edit

“Do you have something to do now?”

“……… NOTHING AT ALL!!!!”

“I have something very important to tell you, oniisan” says Ayase on the phone, “could you come to my house now?”

Wait, wait, wait, Kyousuke, calm down. It’s Ayase that we are talking about. It’s a trap. That’s for sure.

“Oniisan… you can’t?”

“I can, of course I can!!”

Most likely it’s a trap, but who could say “no” to a really cute girl if she invited you to her house?

In no time, Kyousuke arrives at Ayase’s house. Her mother is working in her studio, and Ayase takes him to her room. Kyousuke is all excited.

“Oniisan, could you please extend your hands?”

“Yeah, like this?”

Before Kyousuke realizes what’s happening, a pair of shiny handcuffs is locking his hands.

“What is this????”


“I know that. Why are you doing this?”

“Because you’re repulsive and I don’t like you being here”

“The words you say and your face don’t match. You have played with my maiden heart! I thought you were going to confess to me!”

“I spoke as I always do. And don’t look at me so defiantly. I could call my mom now and say that you are a pervert who stalks me and who has broken into my room begging me to handcuff him”

“Fine… I give up, tell me what the matter is”

Ayase shows Kyousuke the picture he took with Kirino the other day. But… how can she have it, when he kept all the pictures and hid them in one of his porn books? Does she have supernatural powers?

“I warned you not to lay a hand on Kirino”

Kyousuke realizes that he’s in trouble, handcuffed and helpless.

“Please, don’t kill me!!!!”

“Don’t be afraid, I won’t do anything to you… but, that’s so cruel, oniisan!!”

“If you didn’t intend to do anything to me, you wouldn’t have handcuffed me in the first place!”

Kyousuke realizes he has no option but to quickly tell Ayase what happened if he wants to save his life. In fact, it turns out that Ayase had heard about Misaki and she herself was going to do something about it, because she didn’t want to lose Kirino again. She finally believes Kyousuke.

“So please, if you understand, take off the handcuffs”

Ayase starts unlocking them.

“Why do you grin like the moment I touch your hands to unlock them? So disgusting!”

“It’s not what you think. It’s just, this situation is very embarrassing”

“Why embarrassing?”

“So for you handcuffing people isn’t something weird?”


“Wait, wait wait!! Don’t tell her!!!”

Ayase laughs. “I’m not so evil; it was a joke… wait, DON’T HIDE IN MY BED!!”

Ayase starts hitting Kyousuke with the handcuffs.

After calming down, she suddenly handcuffs him again… because she’s going to serve some tea, and she’s sure that while she’s away, he will open her drawers and put her underwear on his head. After Ayase returns, she finally takes off the handcuffs and it’s Kyousuke’s time to ask Ayase a question.

“A question? Sexual harassment again?”

“I’ve never done that!”

“No? You do that every time we meet! Last time you asked me to marry you!!”

“That was a serious proposal full of love”

“That’s… materially impossible!”

“So cruel, what if I kill myself?”

Kyousuke looks really depressed!

“But oniisan… it’s true that the first time I met you, I liked you a little”


“That was at first. Now I hate you. But recently… it’s true that you seem to be a kind person, I sometimes feel like I want to be friends with you. But I hate you”

“Let’s say you never saw us last year when we were coming back from Comiket. Would you be my girlfriend now?”

“I didn’t say that much! Don’t fantasize! And be careful of what you do to me. I always tell Manami-san about you”

In fact, both girls became for some strange reason friends, and it was through Manami that Ayase learned about their date.

“Does Kirino have a boyfriend?”

“What, what , what? That’s a lie! What do you mean. That’s impossible!!” Ayase grabs him by the collar.

Kyousuke tells her about Kirino’s words.

“I think she was just angry… it’s true Kirino is very popular with the boys, but she says she won’t have a boyfriend that isn’t three years older than her. Although she’s even popular with them… so technically she could get a boyfriend any time she wanted. But I don’t think she has one… but, could you find out for sure?”

Ayase is worried, but she thinks that’s not the case. However, it’s true that she doesn’t know everything about Kirino — for example, Kirino hid from her that she was an otaku. Therefore, Kyousuke wants to ask Kirino’s other friends if she has a boyfriend. He decides to go to the Computer Game Club to meet Kuroneko. However, only the president is there, and by the way it stinks in there, after all it’s a hot summer day. Sena and Ruri come in after a while, and they immediately complain about the smell. Kyousuke tells them that it’s not him that stinks, but the president.

“So why is his smell on you?” says Sena, who starts having her yaoi fantasies.

Kyousuke and Ruri don’t speak — he wonders what she’s thinking after seeing him and Kirino. After ventilating the room, they talk about the upcoming project — they are going to sell the RPG game Kyousuke, Ruri and Sena made on the second day of Comiket. Sena says she wants to forget about that game, which got panned on 2ch, but Ruri says that no matter what others say, this is something they created. And even a few people said they liked it. How are they supposed to tell them that the game is actually a failure?

Thus ends the day, and for the first time in a while Ruri and Kyousuke go back together… but they don’t speak. She’s clearly angry.


“What is it, siscon pervert who makes his own sister call him ‘Kyousuke’ and goes around flirting with her?”

Kyousuke explains it to her.

“A fake date, huh? Just like in those imouto eroge you love”

“Wait! I only play them because Kirino forces me!”

“Oh, are you sure? I thought that that’s only an excuse you keep repeating yourself since you actually grew to like them”

“Listen, does Kirino have a boyfriend?”

“Apart from you?”

“Don’t tease me! I’m serious. She said she had one”

Kuroneko laughs. “What a siscon you are. But I don’t think she has one”

“Oh, really?”

“But if she had one, what would you do?” she says whispering in his ear.

“I don’t know! And what about you?”

“That is an interesting hypothesis. Kirino is always very enthusiastic about what she does, so she’d probably spend less time with her friends if she had a boyfriend. That would make Saori very lonely. But that would also make me very happy”

That evening Kyousuke calls Saori because he wants to not only go to Comiket with them, but also he wants to make a doujinshi with Kuroneko, Kirino and Saori.

“What a wonderful idea” says Saori, who was surprised to hear this proposal coming from Kyousuke.

“Hey, Makishima-san~ your true self appeared” says Kyousuke when Saori forgets about her otaku persona.

Just after talking to Saori, Kyousuke gets a text message from his friend Akagi Kouhei.

“Where do you think I am?” says the title… “in my sister’s closet”

What is that pervert saying? Is he confessing, or maybe bragging?? He gets another message.

“I think my sister may have a boyfriend. After finding the catalog with the sex doll that looked just like her, she got angry at me and said something that implied she had a boyfriend. I was trying to find some clue, but she returned while I was in her closet. She’s now playing yaoi games”

Akagi wants help from Kyousuke. He gets another text message.

“My sister has a gimp suit in her closet!!!”

“That’s what you bought for her at the sex shop!!!”

“Oh, you are right. Damn, that scared me!! By the way, Kousaka, when can I borrow that porn DVD we bought together, with the actress that looked just like Tamura [Manami]?”

“I could call your sister now and tell her to check the closet. So losing your 980 yen is a small price to pay”

“You win… wait, my sister has started to move on her chair!!”

“If you want my help to peek at your own sister doing that, I’m afraid I can’t help you”

“No, she’s not doing that! I mean, she took a picture. It could be her boyfriend? I can’t see”

“Akagi, what would you do if your sister really had a boyfriend?”


“But Akagi, your sister is… your sister”

After all, one day they will get a boyfriend, they will marry, and they will distance themselves from their brothers. But then again, there will be no need for their brothers to look after them right? For Kyousuke, Kirino leaving for the US just felt too soon. He gets Akagi’s reply.

“I’d really beat her boyfriend up. Seriously, I want her to be happy, I know that, but I can’t accept the idea of someone taking her away from me”

Kyousuke thinks about himself. On that floor there are only his room and Kirino’s. Wouldn’t it be great if things remained the same forever? And what about Akagi? He must think like that. There’s no way he can actually have romantic feelings for his sister, can he? And what does Sena think about this? And… Kirino?

Kyousuke almost forgets about Akagi, but he gets one final message.

“My sister has found me!”

“I won’t ever forget you, Akagi”

It’s already pretty late when Kirino returns. 6:30 pm, very unusual for her. Kyousuke asks her where she was, but she says it has nothing to do with him. She tries to pass, but he grabs her hand.

“It hurts! No seriously, you’re hurting me. What do you want?”

And why is he even grabbing her hand? Why is he acting like that? He finally releases her hand.

“Do you have a boyfriend?”

“What, are you jealous? Hahaha, how revolting”

“But do you?”

“Who knows”

“I just can’t understand you”

“And I can’t understand you either. By the way, next time I’ll introduce you to my boyfriend”

Chapter 3Edit

Early in the morning, Saori and Kuroneko come to Kyousuke’s house, but Kirino didn’t know about the doujinshi they are going to make for Comiket. Kuroneko guesses that Kyousuke must have found it difficult to tell Kirino, after she said she had a boyfriend. However, after explaining it to her, she agrees, and says she has nothing to do on that day anyway.

Kyousuke feels relieved. So that must be why I felt so weird all this time, after hearing that Kirino had a boyfriend: of course, if she has a boyfriend, she may not be able to participate, that’s why I was so upset about that, because that would ruin my plans for Comiket.

Kuroneko is sleepy that morning.

“I understand you are all excited with the preparations but you shouldn’t over-exert yourself” says Kyousuke.

“Uhm, I know”

She isn’t wearing her colored contact lens today and she sounds surprisingly childish, but Kyousuke finds her cute.

“I just woke up early today, since I took my little sister to a gymnastics radio program”

Saori can’t help but laugh, imagining Kuroneko surrounded by kids. Oddly enough, Kyousuke thinks that she wouldn’t look all that weird.

Kirino wonders if Kuroneko was in her gothic lolita outfit with the kids. Of course not! So she has other clothes? Absolutely! Ruri promises to wear something different next time they meet.

Meanwhile, Saori mentions that Ruri-chan has become friends with Kyousuke, but Kirino asks who that is.

“Do you mean that that Ruri is… this black one?”

Kyousuke looks at Kuroneko and she nods in agreement.

“Yes, her real name is Gokou Ruri”

“It’s not my real name; it’s my temporary name as a human”

“Yes, yes, her temporary name as a human…”

“And why was I the only one who wasn’t told?”

They try to explain to Kirino that it all happened while she was away, since Kuroneko is in the same school as Kyousuke, and in the same club to boot, but Kirino is visibly angry. Kyousuke guesses that she likes Kuroneko so much that she fears that he will take her friend away.

“I see you are in the same club, you return home together, you lie next to each other on bed while I’m away… just as if you two were dating. How revolting”

What! Kyousuke thinks. Even if we were dating, what would the problem be?

Saori tries to calm them down, patting Kuroneko, as if she was a pet!

“Well, it’s not like you two are dating or anything” says Kirino as an afterthought, clearly relieved.

However, there’s the curse, however, thinks Kyousuke, who is still troubled by it.

So well, they have decided to make a doujinshi that combines a manga (drawn by Kuroneko) and a novel (written by Kirino and illustrated by Saori)

“So you can draw too, Saori?” It looks like all girls around Kyousuke can draw!

“Well, not very well, you’d laugh at me”

“I think you’ll do alright”

“Thanks. I’ll try!”

Somehow, for an instant he almost glimpsed the “real” Saori. Ever since Kyousuke saw her real face, he’s been seeing her more and more as an imouto. A very tall imouto, nonetheless. But alas, we have a problem. What can Kyousuke do for the project? He can’t do anything!!

“Well, I knew this would happen… so I have an idea!”

“I have a bad feeling about this” says Kuroneko

“What a rude kouhai! Why do you say that?”

“Well, the last time you had an idea you said “let’s make an eroge”

“But that was a good idea!”

“And when I told you that I can’t draw porn scenes with boys, you said you’d pose as a model for me so I could draw those scenes!”

“I never said such a thing!!!!”

“Just what the hell are you doing in your club??!?” asks Kirino

“Well, they call your brother “sexual harassment sempai at school after all”

“It’s a misunderstanding!”

“It’s the truth”

“Well, it is but…”

Fortunately, Saori decides to help him and asks him what he wants to do.

“I’ll cosplay so we can add a Maschera cosplay album”

Kirino, who was drinking some juice, is so shocked she suddenly spits it all over Kyousuke’s face.

Everyone is skeptical about such a plain guy cosplaying, but Kuroneko, while blushing a little, says that she thinks it’s a good idea and she will help him.

At last the third day of Summer Comiket arrives, although Kyousuke already participated the previous day with the Game Research Club.

“Kirino, isn’t that the same dress you wore for Comiket last year?”

“Yes, how unusual of you to notice something like that”

“Well… because I can see your collar bones…”

“Where the hell are you looking at, you pervert??”

“Why pervert? I have never touched you!”

“Not that, but you are always looking at me with perverted eyes”

“How nostalgic, it’s been already a year since we came here for the last time”

“Why are you changing the subject?! But yes, it’s very nostalgic”

“So that’s why you are wearing this dress today?”

“No! It’s just coincidence”

“Anyway, let’s wait for Kuroneko”

They hear a familiar voice.

“I’ve already been here for a while”

To their surprise, there is a girl standing there they hadn’t noticed. Wearing a straw hat, a beautiful white one-piece dress… Kuroneko!!? So different! She looks beautiful and so young. “You are not Kuroneko [black cat] anymore! You are Shironeko! [white cat]”

“Are you praising me?”

“Isn’t that the dress I chose for you?” asks Kirino.

“Yes… thanks” wow, even her personality has become whiter!

“You’re welcome” However, why does Kirino sound angry? Shouldn’t be happy that Ruri is wearing the clothes she chose for her?

“Nice choice, Kirino!”

“Well, she’s very quiet; I thought those clothes would look good on her. You often see characters in eroge like her who wear these clothes”

“What? So you want to dress your friend like in an eroge?”

“Yeah… so… the dress was for today…” Why does she sound so upset?

Kyousuke also wonders about his relationship with Kuroneko. Last year, she was just his sister’s friend. But, what is she now to him?

They meet Saori and they start setting their stand up. Saori wants to take Kirino to greet the other participants, which is a form of courtesy at Comiket, but for some reason Kirino doesn’t want to go.

“You can go, I’ll stay here with my sempai” says Ruri.

“Oh… I understand your feelings then” says Saori to Kirino. “Alright, I’ll go alone”

While Saori is away, they suddenly receive the visit of… Feito, the woman who plagiarized Kirino’s novel, who tells them about all her financial problems, and now she’s assembled a team of talented artist to participate in Comiket, as a manager. She hopes she will be successful this time around.

Comiket starts.

“Maybe I should have been cosplaying, to attract customers” says Kyousuke.

“What? Where is that confidence coming from, all of a sudden?” replies Kirino

“You said I looked good!”

“Well, because it was cosplay, but you are suddenly behaving as if you were a hot guy. And that’s metaphysically impossible”

“I think he was a little cool, dressed in pitch black” says, however, Kuroneko.

Kyousuke thanks her, almost crying, and tries to put his arm on her shoulder.

“Don’t touch me, will you?”

Well, thinks a saddened Kyousuke, she probably didn’t like me, but only liked the fact that I was cosplaying as a Maschera character.

Kirino is upset because they haven’t sold anything yet, but Ruri tries to explain that it’s not that easy for an unknown group like them. Apparently, Kirino had wanted to print at least 10,000 volumes since she was confident they could sell them, but of course they ended up printing 50, which is still a lot according to Ruri.

After a while, some person comes and takes a look at their doujinshi, but he just laughs and leaves. They assume it’s Kyousuke’s fault. But while Kirino argues with him, they finally sell the first doujinshi. Kirino dismisses it, it’s just one sale after all she’s already sold tens of thousands of her novels, but Kuroneko knows her pretty well and tells her to hold the fifty yen coin. What for? Kuroneko insists, and before they know it Kirino is looking at it and smiling.

Kyousuke complains it’s so hot and Ruri gives him a drink. He takes a first mouthful, and after that chugs it. For some reason, she is looking at him and just says “you’re so silly”

Comiket is as crowded as ever, and after a while they meet Akagi Sena, who has come with the rest of the club. She’s sweating and Kyousuke can see her bra (she has huge boobs!)

Kyousuke introduces them to Saori. They have already heard about each other. The president of the Game Research Club and Saori, the leader of the “Unite, otaku girls” community. Two eccentric otaku leaders.

After Sena talks about some hot cosplayer she has just seen, it looks like Magabe-kun, another club member, is jealous and she finally apologizes to him. Kyousuke wonders if they are dating. After a while, Ruri pulls his T-Shirt and points towards Kirino, who is alone, playing with her iPhone, just like that day when they went to the offline party and she couldn’t make any friends.

Kyousuke wants her to talk to them but Kirino isn’t good at this. Sena gives Ruri a Meruru doujinshi.

“Here it is, I didn’t know you liked this stuff for kids”

“It’s not for me, it’s for a friend”

“What, Gokou-san? Do you have other friends besides me?”

“Yes, is there a problem?”

In a very similar way to last year, when Kuroneko gave Kirino the Siscalypse CD, she gives her the doujinshi. Kirino finally introduces herself to them.

“I’m Kousaka Kirino, 15, pleased to meet you”

“Oh, Kousaka-sempai had a little sister! But you don’t look alike… she’s so cute! So, Kirino-san, do you like Meruru?”


Magabe has noticed that many members of the club have siblings. In fact, he had a little problem with his big sister and Kyousuke offers to help, since he’s used to this kind of quarrels between siblings. It turns out that his big sis saw Magabe with an eroge called “Let’s fuck, big sis” and after that whenever she sees him, she blushes and looks away.

The president says that means a flag has been triggered, but Kyousuke insists that in real life, your sister is just thinking you are a sick pervert. 2D and 3D aren’t the same.

“So any advice?”

“Well…” says Kyousuke, “At night, sneak into her room, get on top of her, slap her and tell her that you need counseling. Then, show her all your big sister porn collection”

“If I do that my life will come to an end!!!”

Kyousuke doesn’t understand. After all, that’s based on his own experience! The president, however, who has a little sister himself, who is a neet and annoying, and yet they never can bring to hate each other, tells him to apologize to her. She will understand. They are family after all.

While the boys are having this conversation, Kyousuke overhears the girls’ conversation.

“Sena-chii” says Kirino, “so you have an oniisan?”

“Yes, but now I am angry with him. I can’t say why, but he did something really disgusting. You know, my brother is a siscon.

“Oh, I understand! My own brother is such a pervert! The other day he insisted on walking arm in arm with me!”

“Well, my brother is sorry for what he did, and the other day I read his cell phone and found out why he did it. It turns out that he was upset because, after a fight, I told him that I had a boyfriend”

“Why did you say that, Sena-chii?”

“Well, I wanted to see what his reaction was”

“Yes, I know, I know!” says Kirino, nodding “You say something you don’t mean because you are angry”

“Exactly, Kirino-chan, you understand my feelings perfectly!”

“Well, we are both imoutos after all!”

“We should tell each other about books and anime”

What! Thinks Kyousuke. Do you want to turn my imouto into a fujoshi!!!

“By the way, Sena-chii, what do you want to do about your brother?”

“Well, I’m going to forgive my baka-nii. He just behaved like that because he likes me so much… and that made me a little happy. So I bought a present for him”

A BL doujinshi, actually. However, Kyousuke feels relieved after hearing Sena, who continues being a faithful brocon.

And thus, Comiket comes to an end and to their surprise, they’ve sold all the doujinshi. Saori even cries and they are very happy.

“Doing this kind of things from time to time” says Kyousuke, “isn’t bad”

“What are you saying, all of a sudden?” retorts Kirino.

By the way, Kyousuke met a certain maid that day. It turns out that her incest SM doujinshi was a hit. Rumor has it that the characters are based on Kyousuke and Kirino.

Chapter 4Edit

After their relative success as a doujinshi circle, they decide to relax. Kirino has noticed that there is a circle called EBS with a very stylish emblem that Saori thinks looks similar to the emblem of Eternal, a famous make-up brand (Saori sent Kirino some doujinshi in a box of that brand, which she almost opened in front of Ayase and Kanako) It turns out that the circle’s vendor is cosplaying, and Kyousuke remembers that Sena had seen someone cosplaying and she claimed it was a guy… and, yes, on a closer look it’s a handsome guy.

Saori immediately realizes, although she doesn’t say anything, that the handmade accessories the circle is selling are the work of a professional, and to her surprise they are selling them at the ridiculous price of 500 yen (6 dollars) Once again, the not so veiled hint that there’s more to Saori that meets the eye.

There’s an accessory that Kuroneko likes, that looks like a rosary, but she doesn’t have any cash, so Kyousuke buys it for her. The vendor suggests that he could put it around Kuroneko’s neck, but if he did that, it would look as if it was a present for her!

“Is… is it OK?”

She looks at him as if she wanted to say something.

“Is there something on my face?”

“No, I was just thinking…”

It is at this point that they notice that Kirino has stayed behind. I wonder if it has to do with the fact that Kyousuke and Ruri were having a moment, or if it’s just because, as we immediately find out, that guy is actually an acquaintance of Kirino, who greets her. He is Mikagami Kouki, a coworker of Kirino, model and famous, gifted designer… who is also an otaku. Kyousuke feels it’s a similar situation to last year, when they met Ayase, but this time it’s pretty different.

So well, Mikagami is an 18-year-old guy, like Kyousuke, and precisely three years older than Kirino. Not only that, he is handsome, he is famous, he is a gifted designer… and now Kirino finds out that he’s an otaku (as a matter of fact he became a designer because he liked designing anime-related goods when he was a kid.

Kyousuke feels threatened, as Kirino and Mikagami happily discuss eroge. He decides to ask them what their exact relationship is and they are very vague about it. Misaki-san (the manager who wanted Kirino to go overseas) introduced them and after that they met a couple of times. Of course, it’s starting to look as if they were dating. But at any rate, Kyousuke can’t help but feel that Kirino has finally found a replacement for him.

Mikagami refers to the fact that his big brother, who isn’t an otaku, is participating and he’s happy, although his brother got a little carried away. Kirino replies “Yes, yes, I know what you mean. You are happy that he’s helping you, you are thankful, but if they get too much into it it’s bothersome” Kyousuke guesses she’s referring to his attitude last year, but it’s interesting to know that the tsuntsun Kirino was “happy and thankful”

Mikagami wishes people would know about the awesomeness of eroge, he wishes to just publicly talk about it, but Kirino strongly disagrees. It’s understandable Mikagami is passionate about eroge, but apart from probably destroying his career, it would also draw unwanted attention from the media to certain… “interesting” scenes in eroge.

Later at a fast food restaurant, Kyousuke says some hateful things about Mikagami, and Kirino reproaches him for engaging in backbiting, but Kyousuke gets angry because Kirino does the same with Manami after all.

The following day Ruri and Kyousuke go to school to meet the others at the club. After that, there will be a small party at Kyousuke’s with Kirino, Saori, Ruri and himself. Ruri notices that Kyousuke looks worried and tells him she can guess what it is.

“You are thinking ‘if that guy was Kirino’s boyfriend, I’m not needed any longer’”

Kyousuke stops. They are in front of his house.

“Is that your ‘dark power’ too?”

“Even if I don’t use it, I can tell. Because… I’m always looking at you”

“If you say that, it can cause misunderstandings”

“I… I don’t mind”

“So… do you like me?”

“I do. When it comes to liking you, I wouldn’t lose to your sister”

Kyousuke asks Ruri about the kiss, but Kirino suddenly opens the door and tells them to come in. But before they follow Kirino, Ruri pulls Kyousuke by the sleeve. She still has something to tell him.

“From that time, I’ve been thinking. I didn’t know what to do. I felt that whichever I chose, I would regret it. I had never been so hesitant. And in the end, I have decided to learn from a certain person, and be honest about my own desires. I will become greedy. I’m sure that that girl wouldn’t give up either”

“I don’t understand you…”

“I don’t care, just listen. I will do whatever it takes so I can get what I desire”

It’s obvious that Kirino overheard them, and there’s a tense atmosphere. Nobody speaks, except for Saori who doesn’t understand what’s going on and tells Kirino that, whatever happens, she will be her ally, clearly not being aware that this means not being Ruri’s ally. It’s the first time that we see Saori not being mindful of the situation. Kirino finally explodes, and tells them she has something to announce. She is going out with Mikagami.

“We even kissed”

Kuroneko glares at her.


“Do you want to say something to me” says Kirino defiantly.

Kuroneko doesn’t reply and they try to start the party, but it’s useless. Before leaving, Ruri says that she can’t waste her time with a brat.

Kyousuke and Saori inquire more about it. Kirino says they’ve been dating for some time after she came back from the US and that he’s after all handsome, rich and talented. And he said that he would never cheat on her. And he listens to what she says. Unlike somebody. Clear as crystal. Kyousuke gets really angry, and Kirino leaves.

Kyousuke feels sorry above all for Saori. Saori however reassures him that it’s not his fault, but he keeps blaming himself. Saori tells him that this time; she may not be able to solve this by herself, so Kyousuke promises to help her, although he fears he might fail. She tells him to be more confident, but he thinks that she’s overestimating him. In that case, if you fail, says Saori (the real one, taking off her glasses), you will have to take responsibility. You will become the guy who destroyed our community.

That day, Kirino brings her boyfriend over. Their father got angry and fled to his room, and Kyousuke is extremely rude to him so Kirino tells him to leave as well. He talks to his dad, who thinks that it’s too soon for Kirino to get a boyfriend. For some reason, Kyousuke ends up defending Mikagami. After all, he seems to be a nice, serious guy; he’s talented and rich, and he seemed to get along with Kirino really well. And nowadays girls have boyfriends at a young age, and Kirino always knows what she’s doing. And Kyousuke knows that what he’s saying is right… so why does he feel so angry? There could be no better guy for Kirino than him. And it should be Kirino who should decide.

However, his father is so against the idea that he wants to go downstairs and beat the poor guy up. He doesn’t care if he loses his job. So Kyousuke offers to go instead. Kyousuke admits that his feelings are the same to his father’s.

In Kyousuke fashion, the first thing he does when he comes into the living room is… to get on his knees and apologize to them. He tells Kirino that it’s true that in the past he told her she could do whatever she decides, but he’s taking it back. He doesn’t want her to go out with a guy. Why? He doesn’t understand (again, this vagueness about his feelings!) But as a brother, he can’t accept it, much though he knows she should be the one to decide. He also goes on to say that he doesn’t know why she got angry yesterday, but he’d like to eventually apologize in an honest way.

“Late… it’s too late” cries Kirino.

To Mikagami, he says that he won’t give her to him.

“I’m sorry, but Kirino is more important to me than is to you”

“So you wouldn’t give her to any boy you don’t approve of?”

But Kirino gets angry… so angry she hits the table and throws some cakes at his face. How can Kyousuke say that when he’s always flirting with Manami and “that black one”? And she adds something incredibly interesting:

“And that time you had such a disgusted face, so why now all of a sudden are you saying that”

She says “that time”, referring to when she asked him to become her (fake) boyfriend. Kyousuke doesn’t seem to understand and asks her what Manami or Kuroneko have to do with this.

Crying, she tells him that it was all a lie. Mikagami isn’t her boyfriend. He confirms this.

“There was something she wanted her brother to realize” — Kyousuke, what a surprise, doesn’t understand. Kirino tries to explain it, but she can’t say it. She’s crying and Kyousuke can’t endure seeing her suffer, and tells her it’s OK if she doesn’t want to say it. Whether this means he may have guessed what she was going to say or not is unclear.