Ore no Imouto Maker EX (game cover)

Ore no Imouto Maker EX or My Little Sister Maker EX, Little Sisters and Love Shots ♪ Portable(俺の妹めいかぁEXいもうとと恋しよっ♪ぽーたぶる Ore no Imōto Meika EX Imōto to Koi Shiyo~tsu ♪ potaburu) is a minigame that comes with the Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai Portable visual novel.


The game starts with Kyousuke talking about how he's normal then suddenly waking up to find five girls sleeping with him. He then gets told that these girls are his step sisters and that his parents are on vacation. Kyousuke's goal in this game is to get closer to his new sisters. Each has their own short route.



  • Out of the five girls, Kirino is the only one who is actually Kyousuke's sister in canon.
  • In the PSP visual novel that this game comes in and it's sequel, when doing a Kirino route, the same plot of Kyousuke not being her blood related brother is used.