Noriko Naozumi
Debut (Manga) Orekou Chapter 05
Appears in Manga
Personal Info
Gender Female
Occupation Employee (MediAscii)

 Noriko Naozumi is a woman who works in the publishing company MediAscii. She is in charge of approving manga draft submissions in the company. Noriko seems to have issues with her co-worker, Setsuna Fate Iori. Fate owes money to Noriko. She harshely criticized Kuroneko's draft submission, calling it "not workable" which made Kuroneko cry in tears. Kuroneko excused herself to the restroom. Noriko revealed to the concerned Kyousuke , that Kuroneko's draft was in fact astounding and her harsh criticizing was really an act to test Kuroneko's ability to receive negative feedback.