Meru Akaboshi
Stardust Witch Meruru
Name in Japanese 赤星める
Romaji Translation Akaboshi Merū
Nickname/s Akaboshi Merū
Debut (Anime) Episode 01 (cameo)
Voice Actor (Japanese) Yukari Tamura
Personal Info
Gender Female
Occupation Student
Magical Girl

Meruru (メルル, Meruru) is the magical girl main protagonist and the titular character of Kirino's favorite anime, Stardust☆Witch Meruru. Her alter-ego is Meru Akaboshi (赤星める, Akaboshi Meru), a grade four student. Meruru has a magical wand that can turn into various things. Her seiyū in the series is Hoshino Kurara.


Meruru is depicted to be an innocent, sweet, and sometimes childish girl. She also appears to be clumsy at times. However she tends to use full force in dealing with her opponents, even if it means destroying a whole city in the process. In the Commentary, she threatened to erase Thanatos Eros with "internet magic"  upon meeting the dark witch but Comet-kun prevented her.


One day, she met a being from Pretty Star, named Comet-kun which made her into a Stardust Witch to battle agains Thanatos Eros and the rest of the Dark Witches who threatens to invade the Earth. Stardust Witch Meruru 3rd Impact

Dark Witch Meruru

Meruru as Dark Witch Meruru

In a preview of the 3rd season of the magical girl anime, Meruru transformed into Dark Witch Meruru to the shock of her companions and heads towards space to use her most powerful move yet called "Planet Buster" which destroyed the Earth in seconds. They've been using the same exact video every time she's shown.

She is voiced by Yukari Tamura.

In OreimoEdit

Meruru, as the titular character in Stardust Witch Meruru, is famous among anime fans, particularly those who are a fan of the show. Various merchandise have been release based on Meruru, including figurines and other merchandise.

In a Meruru-themed competition during Season 1, Kanako was forced to cosplay as Meruru after Ayase dragged her to a cosplay competition to win a limited edition Meruru figure for her to give to Kirino to make up for her. Kanako ultimately won the competition despite her strong dislike for cosplay, but she started to accept this opportunity to gain fame.

Trivia Edit

  • Meruru's design is similar to that of Doremi Harukaze, the main character in Magical Doremi. Though they both have pink hair in similar styles and similar pink dresses, the two differ in many subtle ways.
  • One of the main characters in the author's work after OreImo, Sagiri, has a mask that is reminiscent of Meruru.
  • In the Eromanga Sensei poster, there is a girl holding what looks like a Meruru plushie.