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Lets fall in love with little sister chars

Clockwise from upper left: Shiori, Fumi, Kanna, Saki, Yuuko and Notoka

Let's Fall in Love with Little Sister! (妹と恋しよっ♪, Imouto to Koishiyo♪) is an eroge which puts the player in the shoes of a boy who falls in love with one of his six younger sisters. Kyousuke finds a DVD case of Stardust Witch Meruru anime, which he was still not aware that it was Kirino's, with a DVD of the eroge inside instead of the magical girl anime. After revealing her secret hobbies, Kirino forced Kyousuke to play the eroge. Kyousuke finished Shiori's route on Episode 2.


  • Shiori (しおり)
  • Fumi (ふみ)
  • Kanna (かんな)
  • Saki (さき)
  • Yuuko (ゆうこ)
  • Nodoka (のどか)

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