Kaori Makishima
Kaori profile
Name in Japanese 槇島 香織
Romaji Translation Makishima Kaori
Debut (Anime) Oreimo Season 2 Episode 03
Debut (Light Novel) Volume 9
Appears in Light Novel, PSP Game, Anime
Voice Actor (Japanese) Houko Kuwashima
Personal Info
Gender Female
Occupation Professional gamer
Family Saori Makishima (Younger Sister)

Kaori Makishima (槇島 香織, Makishima Kaori?) is Saori's older sister, and the founder of the otaku circle Pretty Garden. Aside for being an otaku, Kaori is also known for being a "skillfull millionnaire" and having the tendency to do a lot of things during her spare time.

She is voiced by Houko Kuwashima.


Kaori has dark blue hair and brown eyes and prefers to clip back the fringes of hair hanging on her forehead. Her outfit consists of a black biker's jacket, a far cry from the dresses Saori wears at home.


She has a free-going personality with the superwoman ability to do almost everything. According to Saori, her sister has the appearance of Ruri and the personality of Kirino. Her current occupation is being a professional gamer. While unknown to Saori, she is fiercely protective of her sister and a true Tsundere Siscon in that sense, easily getting jealous and angry when Saori became close with Kanata in 'Secret Garden'. 

According to Saori, she is a person of many interests and as such they rarely spend anytime together before bringing her younger sister to 'Pretty Garden'. During this period, Saori became extremely attached to Kanata and Kaori was secretly jealous, as she did not know how to handle younger siblings in general. After 2 - 3 years, Kaori suddenly announced that she was moving abroad to get married, thus dissolving 'Pretty Garden'. The group slowly fell apart, leaving Saori deeply upset and she directed this animosity towards her older sibling, blaming the fate of the group on her.

It is revealed in the visual novel of Oriemo Portable 2, amidst Saori route that Kaori actually suffered from a disease and was dying. It was said that when she was born, she had no more than 20 years to live. As such, she wanted to experience all she could before she died. She engaged in physical activities as hobbies first to build up her stamina and ensure a healthy body that could allow her to pursue other hobbies. 

By the time she realized she had neglected her little sister, it was already too late as they have drifted apart. She then attempted to bring her sister into her otaku group, the 'Secret Garden'. However, as the time drew near for her predicted death, she had to forsake the group to fulfill her duty to the family; to get married and produce a heir before she died. Hence, she left the group and went abroad and got married, even have a baby. Ironically, technological advancement had made her once terminal disease curable, and as such she was healthy again. However, she deeply regretted hurting Saori through dissolving 'Secret Garden'.