Kanata Kurusu
Kanata kurusu anime
Name in Japanese 来栖 彼方
Romaji Translation Kurusu Kanata
Nickname/s Ganma Yamanashi
Haruka Kasuga
Six other pen names
Debut (Anime) Oreimo Season 2 Episode 03
Appears in Light Novel, PSP Game, Anime
Voice Actor (Japanese) Rie Kugimiya
Voice Actor (English) Laura Bailey
Personal Info
Gender Female
Occupation Light novel author (Maschera: Lament of a Fallen Beast)
Family Kanako Kurusu
(Younger Sister)

Kanata Kurusu (来栖 彼方, Kurusu Kanata) is one of the former members of the dissolved otaku community "Pretty Garden". She is the older sister of Kanako, and the original author of Ruri's favorite anime series Maschera.

She is voiced by Rie Kugimiya.


Like Kanako, she has ginger hair which she wears in twintails. The main differences between the two are Kanatas eye color is blue, and Kanako is brown, plus Kanata has neatly-arranged bangs. Kanata also wears a kind of outfit similar to Saori, a checkered long-sleeved polo shirt (although Kanata wears orange instead of Saori's green), but can also be seen wearing a short red dress.

She owned a pair of thick glasses which Saori Bajeena later uses.

Despite being older than most of the characters in the series, she has the appearence of an elementary school girl, leading others like Kyosuke to continually forget their polite address when conversing with her. 


Kanata uses seven different pen names throughout her career as a mangaka, and her most frequently-used pen name is "Ganma Yamanashi". She was briefly mentioned in the first season as a doujinshi author that Kirino became a fan of and sold a doujinshi to her. However it seems she was wearing a diguise at the time or wasn't manning her booth at Comiket as Kirino didn't recognize her.  She currently lives with her younger sister in a mansion. The 2 sisters are stated to be living apart from their parents due to 'complex family issues'. Kanata has stated that both her and Kanako have never really experienced the warmth of family. 

Kanata regularly hangs out with another 'Secret Garden' member Kirara, who has filled in for her sister Kurara who sometimes works as Kanata's manga assistant. Also, amongst the group, she is noted to be especially doting towards Saori and the two have a deep bond, even closer than that of Kanako and Kanata, as noted when she in turn threatened Kaori when the latter expressed intentions to meddle with Saori's personal life.