Guidelines for Editors Edit

Here at Oreimo (My little sister can't be this cute) wiki we encourage new users to sign up and to contribute as much as possible, with that being said, there are a few basic rules to follow to ensure that our content is high quality.

  • Spellcheck - A large amount of typos can be a real dealbreaker for new viewers, please spellcheck your edits preferably before submitting them, if this cannot be done or if you are unsure of the proper spelling, use this website.
  • Fact > Opinion - Avoid making edits that use personal opinion that cannot be cited or corroborated from the manga itself (or other official works such as the Databook), this is important for the "trivia" and "relationships" sections of character pages especially.
  • Chronological Order - When editing a character's bio section, make sure that newer information is near the bottom and older material at the top of the article, flashbacks for example. Information added from the newest chapters obviously are at the last.
  • Redundant information - Avoid repeating statements or information that have already been added to an article, as it gets repetitive. This is okay if the repeated information is from different sections.
  • It's not personal - If someone re-edited the information that you added to an article, don't get mad. Some admins/editors (myself for example) are a bit OCD (Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder) about spelling, or grammar, or even how a sentence or paragraph reads, or "flows". Sometimes changes are required to make the content read easier. The next bullet on this list is related to this.
  • Summary - When editing, use the summary box to add notes to other editors of the changes you are making, this is more important if you are changing alot of information, so that the other editors know why you did it, and it also lessens the chances of your changes being reverted/re-edited.
  • Get your hands dirty - Don't be afraid to rework something if it sounds wrong, but be sure to use the summary to inform others of why you did so, and if in doubt, consult other editors for their opinion.