Drama CD Insert Commissioned Short Story Booklet
OreImo Drama CD9
Date of Release March 31, 2010

The shorts are 3 stories that were printed and released with the OreImo Drama CD.

Chapter 1: At A Certain Maid CaféEdit

At A Certain Maid Café is a short that takes place after the first Summer Comiket. It is when Kirino, Kyousuke, Kuroneko, and Saori were at the Pretty Garden Maid Café (called Cure Maid Café in the anime). There, it's found that Kirara Hoshino is the elder sister of Kurara (the seiyū for Meruru) and that she has other sisters as well.

Chapter 2: Recollections of Valentine's DayEdit

Recollections of Valentine's Day takes place on on Valentine's day, being after the series' first Christmas. In this short, Iwao, Kirino, Ayase, and Kyousuke are told in this story.

It starts off with Kyousuke heading to the Tumura household to help handle the shop of the Tumura family, which Kyousuke then met Iwao on the way, them both later arrived at the Tumura household.

Kyousuke was headed home when he bumps to Ayase on the way; seeing her in pain and holding her stomach tightly. Kyousuke then chose to stayed with Ayase whiles they waited for her pickup. After her pickup, Kyousuke then returned home after receiving some chocolates from Ayase before she left with her ride.

At home, Kirino brag to Kyousuke that she made chocolates for Ayase and none for him. Kyousuke then head to his room, but whiles on his way, Kirino thrown an object that what seems to be the chocolate that she made. Kyousuke then returned to his room and then tried tasting the chocolate.

The chocolate tasted horrible and his stomach hurting, which he described it tasting like "charcoal". Kirino then opened the door to Kyousuke's room, and asked what he was doing. Kyousuke then brought up the topic of Kirino's chocolate, which he assumed that Kirino gave him the awful chocolate to tease him for being a "siscon". Kyousuke then placed and act of not being hurt, and then told her, "It’s very delicious." assuming that she gave it to him to hurt him, which Kirino then smiled as she left his room. Kyousuke then was confused of her reaction, which he assumed that she was playing along. (In the BD Specials, Volume 8, it's found that Kirino thought that her chocolate tasted good, and gave it to Kyousuke and Ayase as a Valentine's Day gift, which Kyousuke then understood why she smiled during that day.)

Chapter 3: My Little Sister Can't Hook Up in a PSP GameEdit