Kyousuke in front of the Cure Maid Cafe

The Cure Maid Café is a maid cafe in Akihabara. Kirino attended a first IRL meet up organized by Saori's "Otaku Girls Unite", an online community, in the cafe.

It is located at the sixth floor of the Gee Store, near Suehirocho Station.


Maid Cafe

"Welcome, Master!"

The Cure Maid Café has a layout similar to a traditional Western restaurant, with wooden chairs and tables, and a dominant earthy color scheme. However, what makes the Cure Maid Café stand out is the attire of its waitresses, whose theme is that of a typical maid café: black and white dresses adorned with ribbons and frills. The waitresses themselves are young as well, with ages probably ranging from middle school to high school level. Kirara Hoshino, the sister of Meruru's voice actor, is known to be one of the workers.


Cure Maide Cafe Menu


Like most maid cafés, the menu of the Cure Maid Café consists of meals and beverages served in traditional restaurants given a special touch. Most of the meals are given new names which tie in to the theme of the café, and customers may avail of a free ketchup scribble courtesy of the waitress assigned to them.

Selected Menu ItemsEdit

  • "You Are the Best!" Pork Cutlet Curry Rice
  • "I Can't Take It Anymore" Beef Curry
  • "C-H-A-R-M-I-N-G" Demi-Glace Hamburger Steak
  • "Umbrella" Hamburger Steak - Hamburger steak with a love umbrella written on it using ketchup
  • "Twinkle" Omelette Rice
  • Kani-kani Cream Spaghetti - Creamy spaghetti with crab meat
  • Niku-niku Meat Sauce Spaghetti - Spaghetti with tomato and meat sauce
  • Love-love Scribble - Customized message of love on chosen dish using ketchup

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