Arufa Kurotsuki
Alpha Omega
Name in Japanese 月アルフア
Romaji Translation Kurotsuki Arufa
Nickname/s Alpha Omega
Voice Actor (Japanese) Aya Suzaki
Personal Info
Gender Female
Occupation Magical Girl


Alpha Omega (アルフアオメガ ) is Meruru's sidekick in Stardust☆Witch Meruru. Her alter ego is Arufa Kurotsuki (黒月あるふぁ, Kurotsuki Arufa), a grade four student who is Meruru's best friend. She is sometimes referred as Al-chan (アルちゃん, Al-chan).


Alpha Omega shocked by Meruru's action

When Kirino was asked by Kuroneko why Meruru killed Alpha Omega in one episode if the theme of the series is friendship, Kirino explained that Meruru had to kill her companion who was turned evil prior to the episode. Kirino revealed that she is revived later in the series and back at Meruru's side.

Former defending champion, Bridget Evans cosplayed as Alpha Omega in a cosplay competition. One of her competitor is Kanako, who was forced to cosplay as Meruru by Ayase .